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10 Dog Stocking Stuffer Ideas that Support Small Businesses

Need some dog stocking stuffer ideas for your adventure pup? I’ve put together a great list of unique items that will enhance your outdoor excursions with your favorite four-legged pal.

While some items here definitely are for the humans, the dogs will benefit from many of these products as well!

The real question is, has your dog been naught or nice this year?

10 Great Dog Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Adventure Pups

As you know, I am incredibly selective about the brands I use and work with. I love supporting small businesses and everything included on this list falls within my strict personal buying guidelines.

Need more gift ideas? I’ve got you:

Tagalong Poop Bag Holders ($24)

A friend suggested these Tagalongs when I asked her for a gift idea for the writers who contributed to my book. They didn’t look like much, but I trust her judgement and got them, including one for myself.

These cute designs hold multiple bags of doggy doo, allowing you a free hand on dog walks and a place to stash the bag when your dog inevitably poops just far enough away from the trailhead.

I don’t know how I lived without this ingenious little device for so long! I now have several, so that I can keep one on my backpacks and different leashes. I am lost without it!

They come in packs of three so you have plenty to attach to different packs and leashes. You can find Tagalongs in the Foxey Doggo Shop!

Ruffwear Quick Draw Dog Leash ($19.95)

Since Sitka is off-leash trained, it’s rare that I choose a trail that requires a leash, however it doesn’t meant that I don’t go prepared to grab him in an instant if necessary.

The Ruffwear Quick Draw Leash attaches to his collar and wraps around his neck, securing with Velcro. If I ever need to restrain him quickly, I just pull the tab, and voila! Instant control over my dog.

The Quick Draw is an essential item I bring on every single trail run and off-leash hike..

Nite Ize Nitehowl Rechargeable LED Safety Necklace ($20)

Whether you’re out for a winter walk in the neighborhood past sunset or you want to be able to easily spot your dog at camp, Nite Ize makes great visibility products for dogs.

The Nitehowl Safety Necklace is a rechargeable LED collar that goes around your dog’s neck.

The Disc-o pattern is as fun as it is functional, lighting your dog up in a rainbow of colors.

West Paw Food Dispensing Toys (starting at $11.95)

I adore West Paw products.

They are tough (Sitka will destroy toys in seconds if I’m not giving my full attention).

And, since you know I love a business for good, they are a B Corporation and the toys are recyclable if and when they are no longer of use.

I have a number of West Paw products, and my favorite, favorite, favorite is the Toppl. This is a food stuffing toy that comes in a variety of sizes so you can join them together for an extra challenging frozen treat.

You can’t go wrong with any West Paw product!

HempMy Pet CBD Oil (starting at $25)

CBD Oil is all over the place right now, and it’s very important to make sure that you are getting a quality product, especially since it’s for your pup.

I have been using HempMy Pet CBD oil products for several years now and really love the brand. They are truly dedicated to their craft and to creating a sustainable, high quality product.

I had the opportunity to visit the greenhouse in Colorado a couple years ago and was super impressed by their knowledge of the industry.

My favorite products are the infused oils and the coconut oil.

Learn more about HempMy Pet and CBD Oil for dogs in general in my review.

Only Natural Pet Paw Balm ($12.99)

With winter here, chances are your dog will need a paw balm to protect their pads from the harsh elements. I like the Only Natural Pet brand paw balm.

This paw wax is petroleum-free, and uses natural ingredients like coconut oil, mango oil, shea butter, and beeswax to protect the paws from cuts, rough surfaces, and harsh weather.

The deodorant-style container also means mess-free application!

WagWorthy Naturals Hip + Joint Tablets ($34.50)

WagWorthy Naturals is a woman-owned shop. Owner, Jane has a background in biochemistry and research, and of course loves dogs. She wants the best for her pup, Ollie, and created these supplements with his health in mind.

WagWorthy Naturals is committed to reducing the population of homeless dogs, with a goal to fund 100,000 free spay/neuters in shelter. Yep, it’s a lofty goal, but they’re not going to change the world by sitting on the sidelines.

These supplements are great for active dogs of any age to help reduce swelling and inflammation, improve mobility, lubricate joints, and more.

Caru Stews, Broth, Smoothies and Treats (from $3.99)

Caru is a family-owned business that creates healthy meals, treats, and broths for dogs and cats.

Named after their Golden Retriever, Karu (see why the spelling is different!), they created the company when their vet suggested homemade meals to aid with constant ear infections.

Caru promises to use only premium cuts of meat and poultry, never include grains, wheat, gluten, soy, or animal by-products, and uses earth-friendly packaging materials.

Each batch is prepared in small batches in the USA.

Hugo Coffee Roasters ($15.99)

Want to do some good with your daily cup of coffee? Hugo Coffee Roasters is a woman-owned coffee roaster that gives 10% of profits back to rescue organizations.

Additionally, the founder underwrites the local NPR station’s “Adoptable Moment,” which benefits Paws for Life, resulting in at least one dog or cat option each week the segment is aired.

Hugo Coffee is fair-trade and organic coffee, produced using ethically and sustainably harvested beans. Choose from a variety of roasts ranging from dark to light, including cold brew. Can’t decide? Get a bundle!

Foxey Doggo shoppers receive 15% off their purchase, applied automatically via link.

Charlee Bear Natural Treats ($)

You gotta add some healthy treats to your dog’s stocking! Charlee Bear Natural Treats are made in the USA with minimal ingredients from products sourced in the USA.

Sitka goes crazy for the Original Crunch treats. They look like oyster crackers, and are made without soy or corn. I use them for training and since they only have 3 calories per treat, I don’t worry about him eating too much.

In addition to the crunchy Charlee Bear treats, you can also try the Bearnola and Meaty Bites.