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  1. Good Luck on your trip sounds great wish i could join even if for one week!!

    • Thanks, Henry! Stay up to date on our blog. We’ll be all over, so you never know, you just may be able to join us for a week. We’d love the company!

  2. Just remind me closer to the dates and I will see what I can organize. We have lots of family and friends on your way so may be gOod for you. In Berlin we have a good friend dog and animal lover you should connect with and in Oslo my partners.

  3. Gail from boot camp

    Looks like you are in Dresden, one of my favorites when I visited eastern Germany! I see you’re going through the Czech Republic soon. If you have a chance to stop at Cesky Krumlov, it is well worthwhile, a charming small town with a castle on top of the hill. We stayed in a hostel there and it was the whole family’s favorite stop of our trip. The hostel is called Krumlov House and is owned by an American-Canadian couple. Really beautiful and quiet place where we also loved biking in the surrounding countryside.


    • Gail! So happy to see this post from you this morning! We also loved Dresden, and appreciated the green trees and hills that reminded us of home. You’re the second person to recommend Cesky Krumlov, so we might just have to add it to our map! Thanks for the hostel recommendation, we will check it out and let you know if we make it there.

  4. Hi guys. Just wondering if you took any precautions against Leishmaniasis when you were in Europe? I’m going to be living in a tent with my dog for the next 12 months around Spain and the med and am worried about it.

    Great site BTW a mine of useful information

    • We certainly didn’t take any precautions as I’ve never heard of Leishmaniasis. 🙂

      Glad you find our site useful. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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