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Sora playing in the snow along the McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway

Welcome to Long Haul Trekkers! Discover how to enjoy the outdoors with your adventure dog.

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About Us

Jen and Sitka, the team behind Long Haul Trekkers

Hello! We are Jen and Sitka, the team behind Long Haul Trekkers. Our goal is to inspire you to get outside with your dog, show you where to take your dog along on your travels, and tell you all about our favorite adventure dog gear with honest reviews.

Sitka comes along with me just about everywhere I go. If he can't come, then I usually don't go. Instead, I search for the places we can go together.

Sitka and I live in the Pacific Northwest, where we trail run, hike, backpack, and explore as much as we can.

We're so happy to have you along on our adventures!

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