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Small Business Gift Guide: 11 Esty Finds for Dog Lovers

Small Business Gift Guide: 11 Esty Finds for Dog Lovers

During the holiday season, I try my best to shop small for gifts and Etsy is a great place to do just that! You can shop by location to find a maker in your region or discover work created by someone across the world. Either way, supporting small business owners is great for local economies and allows you to give a more unique gift to friends and family. Take a look at these 11 Etsy finds for dog lovers that may even entice you decide to treat yourself or your dog this year.

The Woolly Bugger mountain-inspired art on Etsy
Credit: The Woolly Bugger

The Woolly Bugger Mountain Living Inspired Art

I learned about Jane’s work after winning a contest on Instagram that included one of her string art pieces of my beloved Oregon. After my friend moved into her new home, I had Jane make a custom leash holder with her favorite colors and her two dogs painted over the mountains. Every time I see a new piece of Jane’s I want to have it for myself. In addition to state string art and dog leash holders, Jane also creates paintings, mugs, jewelry dish holders and more.

Megan Marie Myers art on Etsy
Credit: Megan Marie Myers Art

Megan Marie Myers Art

During a trip to Bend, I saw Megan’s art in several friends’ homes and in stores throughout the city. It’s whimsical and so so much fun and she’s local to the outdoor town. Her prints always include animals, usually with people and always in some sort of nature setting. You can cross country ski with fox and friends, share a tent with a bear, or hug a llama. Consider getting the calendar so you can enjoy her prints all year long.

Moxie Collar on Etsy
Credit: Moxie Collars

Moxie Collars Two-Tone Biothane Dog Collar

Biothane is a waterproof material that is perfect for adventure dogs who swim and get muddy. The collars wash off easily and look new in a jiff. Moxie Collars come in a variety of widths and customizable colors. You can also add on a nameplate with important information that slides over the collar in case you use multiple collars and don’t want to switch ID tags each time.

Sloppy Chop Co Eurolead on Etsy
Credit: Sloppy Chops Co

Sloppy Chops Co 8-Way Eurolead

Another biothane product in this line up, this time featuring a Euro-style leash. So, what exactly makes it Euro-style? This seven-foot leash serves various functions, thanks to the hardware snaps at either end of the lead. It can attach to different a D-rings to adjust the length, you can make a waist loop for hands-free walking or to tie your dog to a hitch while you run into the store, or you can create a slip lead for training and secure with a sliding O-ring to keep in place.

Wild Hound Outfitters handmade ceramic bowl on Etsy
Credit: Wild Hound Outfitters

Wild Hound Outfitters Handmade Ceramic Dog Bowl

Ceramic is one of the best materials for pets to eat and drink from because it is less prone to collect food debris that causes bacteria growth. This beautiful dishwasher safe bowl comes in a few different colors, all of which feature that vanilla bean speckle. Bowls come in 1 and 2-QT sizes.

Copper Paws hand pressed dog ID tag on Etsy
Credit: Copper Paws

Copper Paws Hand-Stamped Dog Tag

These outdoor-inspired dog tags are all different because each one is made by hand. Choose from various designs including wildflowers, camping scenes, and mountains. These tags also come in a variety of shapes, ranging from triangles, hexagons, and square-shaped. You can also pick from a number of fun fonts to give it more personality.

Lion + Wolf dog bed on Etsy
Credit: Lion + Wolf

Lion + Wolf Pet Beds

Your pup will lounge in luxury on this Lion + Wolf pet bed. The beautiful fabrics are sourced from Japan and made in the USA. Best of all, they won’t be an eyesore in your home. Choose from a variety of designs that will add to your decor. The beds are stuffed with a down-like polyester that prevents flattening or shifting and the covers are reversible and machine washable.

REFreshMATS dog doormat on Etsy
Credit: REFreshMATS

REFreshMATS Doormat

These doormats are pretty accurate for anyone coming over to my house! The same company also sells several other fun dog-related doormats with sayings like, “Dogs Welcome (people tolerated),” “There’s like, a lot of dogs in here,” and “I hope you like dogs.” 

Pawsific Paws bandana on Etsy
Credit: Pawsific Pine

Pawsific Pine Dog Bandanas

My friend discovered this shop after adopting her pup Juni and I loved all the designs she purchased and just had to check out more. The fabrics range from traditional PNW-plaid style to more Aztec designs. The materials are all beautiful and your only problem will be selecting only a few for your pup. My favorites are Chinook, Tokatee, and Yaquina. 

Studio 9 Thirty 3 dog dish towel on Etsy.
Credit: Studio 9 Thirty 3

Studio 9 Thirty 3 Dish Towels

If your dog is like any of mine, they are definitely sitting at your feet while you work in the kitchen, hoping for a few scraps to fall to the ground. You can choose from several dog breeds or send in your own photo to have your dog’s image on the towel. 

Bark & Go Raincoat on Etsy
Credit: Bark & Go Raincoat

Bark & Go Raincoat

Keep your pup dry in rainy weather with this reflective and waterproof raincoat. The breed-specific designs mean a better fit for your dog, or better yet, choose the customizable option to ensure perfect sizing. Thanks to the hood, your dog’s head will stay dry and raindrops won’t bother their ears. 

Pet Friendly Designs Leggings on Etsy
Credit: Pet Friendly Designs

Pet Friendly Designs Leggings

I can’t get over how much fun these leggings are. They come in just about any dog breed you can imagine and each different pair has a unique pattern that will be the talk of the trail. These would make the perfect gift for the obsessed dog mom in your life.

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