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Christmas Presents for Dogs that Cost $25 or Less

Christmas Presents for Dogs that Cost $25 or Less

Please forgive me for publishing a Christmas post so early. I have already started to see advertisements for Black Friday stuff, which I think is crazy. While I personally choose to head outdoors and avoid all the shopping around this time of year, the fact is that most of us choose to purchase gifts for the ones we love and that includes our dogs.

To kick things off, I’m starting with a list of gifts for your dog. If you’re looking for gear that you need for adventures with your dog, then one of these lists might be for you:

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All right, now for a list of 17 items to get especially for your pup for Christmas that won’t break the bank. 

Himalayan Dog Chew – These are my go to for long-lasting dog chews. I love that the entire chew can be eaten. You don’t have to throw away the end when it gets too small for your dog to eat safely. Just pop it in the microwave and it puffs up like a giant Cheeto that your dog can eat. Plus, they get bonus points for being from the town where I grew up!

Zuke’s Treats – We love Zuke’s Treats in our house! The Minis make great training treats, while the Superfood Blends sneak in nutrients like berries and greens. Look for cute tree-shaped treats in stores around the holidays.

Jiminy’s Cricket Treats – I am a big fan of these sustainable protein dog treats. As you may have guessed by the name, they’re made from cricket protein and a host of nutrition in each delicious chew and dogs love them.

West Paw Tizzy – I can’t get enough of West Paw toys. They are super durable, come in fun colors, and are recyclable and dishwasher safe. I got the Tizzy for Laila and it keeps her entertained for at least an hour.

Ruffwear Knot a Rock – A fun treat dispensing toy that rolls around in erratic movements is a favorite for my dogs. It fits a lot inside the toy and has several openings to make for easy filling. It’s a perfect toy to use when you are setting up camp or have a busy day and need to keep your pup occupied for a period of time.

Nina Ottoson Puzzle Brick – You really can’t go wrong with any puzzle toy from Nina Ottoson. These are all super well designed and come in varying levels of difficulty to stump dogs and get those brains working. Each toy can be amended to create different challenges for your pup.

Kurgo Skipping Stones – Riia would go crazy for these toys. The fun shape means it bounces in many directions before landing, forcing your pup to figure out where it will land. They also float and can go from land to sea easily.

Zippy Paws Dog Toys – If you want an adorable dog toy that will last, Zippy Toys are the ones to get. They make really stinking cute toys like the Woodland Creatures puzzle that has your dog search for squirrels stuffed in a log, a giant cupcake, and Oscar the Octopus. 

Snuffle Mat – I love snuffle mats for feeding times. They teach dogs to use their noses to find their food within all the layers of the fabric. Nosework is one of my favorite ways to tire out a dog and teach them to use their other senses.

Silicone Pot Mat – Wait what? How is this for dogs? Rather than pay more for something called a Lickimat, get silicone pot holders instead. These come in a pack of four for the same price as one Lickimat. I love these to help dogs out in uncomfortable situations like bath time. Or if you freeze peanut butter on it, it makes a great summertime snack.

Flirt Pole – Many people suggested flirt poles for Laila when I was struggling taming her strong prey drive. I can’t say enough about this toy. She went absolutely insane over it. I loved that I could teach her impulse control and give her a really reward when she obeyed.

Ruffwear Lunker – Another great toy from Ruffwear is the lunker. This is especially loved by water dogs, plus it can double as a pull toy for bonding enrichment.

KONG Wubba – The Wubba was hands down Riia’s favorite toy. She knew that we were going somewhere fun when she saw us take it out. It floats and the neoprene cover makes it try super fast. I’d bring it paddle boarding and make her swim a few extra laps.

Pet Safe Waggle – This is one of the longest lasting and toughest treat dispensing toys I’ve found. Even Laila, who is a master puzzler couldn’t figure out how to get the treats out easily. It’s great for the crate, especially if you know you’ll be awhile.

Nerf Multi-Ring Tug Toy – Who knew that Nerf made dog toys? They’re pretty high quality and indestructible to boot! What I love about this ring toy is that it’s more durable than many rope toys which just shred pretty quickly.

PAW5 Rock n Bowl – If you’ve got a pup who snarfs down their food in 2 seconds flat, then this puzzle feeder will help them slow down and force them to use their brain to figure out how to make the food come out. The product is made in the USA with BPA free materials.

Zippy Paws Monkey Rope – This cute toy is a stuffie, squeaker and a rope pull toy all in one. The durable materials make it last for tough pullers and it suits large and small dogs alike.

Do you include your pup on your Christmas list?