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Gear Review: Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible Travel Bowls

Gear Review: Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible Travel Bowls

We have so many travel dog bowls. I have one permanently attached to my backpack. One that lives in the car. Another that lives in our van. We have a few that we keep in the dogs’ travel bin. Sometimes, I’ll attach one to my purse if we’re out for a long walk in the city on a hot day. From the car, to hotels, and camping, Dexas Popware for Pets travel bowls have got you covered.

For me, transportability and space saving is important when it comes to choosing a pet travel bowl. I also appreciate those I can use for both food and water, to avoid bringing multiple gear items. Dexas makes a variety of pet travel bowls ranging in size, making them perfect for traveling or everyday home use. The company manufactures its products in the US and still manages to sell them for an incredibly affordable price. These portable bowls are durable, last a long time, and travel well.

An honest review of Dexas collapsible pet travel bowls.

Super Portable

Whether you camp, bike, run, travel by RV, boat, car, or in hotels, Dexas collapsible bowls are an ideal option for on-the-go dog parents. We use a variety of different Dexas bowls, depending on the type of travel that we’re doing.

For the hotels and car camping, we go with either the Elevated Pet Feeder or the Double Bowl Collapsible Feeder. These are great for longer term stays when you have more space to carry a larger travel bowl. I like that each product has two bowls, one for water, the other for food, so I can leave water out all day for the dogs and not worry about remembering to give them water or fill the bowl. The food also doesn’t get mushy if there is leftover water in a single bowl (not that any dog of mine has ever cared about mushy food).

For hiking, running, backpacking, and cycle touring, we opt for the Travel Cup and the Everyday Collapsible Pet Bowl. These are the two bowls that I take with me nearly everywhere.

The Travel Cup comes in two sizes: Small (1 cup) and Large (2 cups). We have always used the small cups, which as been fine for both Sora and Laila. Those with larger or multiple dogs may wish to opt for the larger travel cup. If you feed your dog one cup of food like we do, then the small size doubles as the perfect measuring cup for meals.

I love that I can easily clip the Travel Cup to my backpack or purse with the attached carabiner. It’s hardly noticeable and it ensures that I always carry a vessel to offer my dogs water, especially important in hotter temperatures

The Everyday Collapsible Pet Bowl is great for bicycle touring, hiking with multiple dogs, or car travel. It flattens to just 1.5 inches for easy storage and, like the Travel Cup, comes in two sizes: Small (3 cups) and Large (6 cups). We have both sizes and use the small far more often. It’s easier to bring along on the go. The large size is great if you’re traveling or camping with multiple dogs and can act as a shared water bowl for the pack. If space isn’t as much of an issue, but we still need to pack lightly, this is my go-to travel bowl.

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An honest review of Dexas collapsible pet travel bowls.

Easy to Clean

Each of the Dexas bowls is dishwasher safe, but if you don’t have a dishwasher (like us!) they wash clean easily by hand, thanks to the non-stick material. We add supplements to our dogs’ food, including oils, powders, and even staining turmeric and the bowls always come out clean after a wash.

Easy Storage

Whether we keep them in the car, at home, or on my backpack, these bowls hardly take up space. They fold down practically flat for easy storage. Even the Elevated feeders collapse down to a small size, as the legs simply fold into the base. We live in a small apartment and have no trouble storing these bowls out of sight among our camping gear.

An honest review of Dexas collapsible pet travel bowls.

Area of Improvement

The only “complaint” I can share about these bowls is that they (referring specifically to the Travel Cup and the Everyday Feeder) tend to knock over easily. Since they’re so lightweight, taller than they are wide, and top heavy due to the plastic framing, we find that an accidental light kick tips them over, spilling the water. I have to hold the small cup upright if one of my dogs is eager to drink because they’ll knock it over. It’s not a deal breaker for me by any means, nor does it occur every time, just something to be aware of when you use them.

Overall Thoughts on Dexas Popware for Pets Travel Bowls

Dexas makes great and affordable pet travel bowls for a variety of needs and types of travel. They fold into a small size and are durable. We have never experienced a tear in the seams, even after years of use. We can honestly recommend them as a great addition to your pet travel kit.


Portable, packable, durable, and easy to clean. An honest review of Dexas collapsible pet travel bowls.