What to Pack for a Bike Tour with Your Dog + #bikewithyourdogday Giveaway!

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After more than a year of cycle touring with our dog, we’ve come to rely on several essential items that we use regularly for Sora. The infographic below should help as you put together your packing list the next time you head out on a bike tour with your dog. 


What to Pack for a Bike Tour with Your Dog

Bike with Your Dog Day Giveaway!

What is Bike with Your Dog Day?

Bike with Your Dog Day aims to highlight the possibility of taking dogs along on your two-wheeled adventures. No need to plan an international jaunt, stay local and head out for an excursion together to test the waters. Take them to the park, to a friend’s house, or out for a weekend adventure. We just want to see you bike with your dog. 

Bike with Your Dog Day

What:  Leave no dog behind on your biking adventures. Take your dog along on your next bike ride. 

When: Sunday, July 10, 2016

Where: Everywhere! While the contest is only open to US and Canadian residents, we still want to see you bike with your dog. Please use the hashtag #bikewithyourdogday to show us how you do.

How: Easy. Bike with your dog. Take your pup on your next two-wheeled outing. 

Now, before you get out and buy anything for your upcoming tour, wait to see whether you’ve won our Bike with Your Dog Day contest!

We are so excited to be partnering with Kurgo, Burley Design, Fedwell Pet Foods, and GoPro for this giveaway. Since we have so many great prizes to bestow unto you that we’re breaking our contest up over several days and two platforms. 

Confused? I shall explain. 

Starting today, you can enter to win our Ultimate Bike with Your Dog Day Touring Package, which includes a Burley Tail Wagon, essential adventure dog gear from Kurgo like the Wander Loft Dog Bed, Zippy Bowl, Travel Food Bag, and Running Belt + Spring Leash (all shown above), and healthy, wholesome pet food from Fedwell. 

Simply follow click on this link and enter any of the six ways. (Instagram won’t allow us to ask you to like accounts, so we’re asking you to do that here, rather than the “visit” described in the Gleam instructions.) In the comments, tell us where you and your pup will go on your biking adventure. We’re looking for descriptive stories here, folks!

We’ll pick a winner on July 11.

Annnnnnnd, that’s not all!

Starting on 8 July, head on over to @besomedoggy on Instagram, where we will host more giveaways from Fedwell Pet Foods and a GoPro SessionFetch Mount, and their brand new  Seat Mount and Pro Handlebar and Seat Post Mount! We’ll provide instructions on how to enter each day at @besomedoggy, so be sure to follow their account to stay updated. 

On July 10, celebrate Bike with Your Dog Day by tagging your photos #bikewithyourdogday and we’ll repost our favorites! 

Congratulations to the following #bikewithyourdogday winners:

Courtney Stock
Samantha Ferrer
Kate Francis

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  1. Of course, I was just like THE BEACH! Sorry, I didn’t see the story part, until I went back to double check the end date.

    So, Julio [two year old Chiweenie], Ariel [my best friend], and I have been swimming at TOGETHER at a beach I recently learned about called Seville. Ariel is teaching us both to swim, but Julio whomps me everytime. Swimming helps my pain level go down, and Julio gets to a cool, new way to work out, too.

    • Haha. Sounds like a fun way to spend a day with your pup! And would you use the giveaway gear to bike to the beach?

      • We definitely need water, so he can take the bowl, and I’ll take the bottle.

        • Haha. Sometimes we steal Sora’s bottle as well. If you’d like to enter the #bikewithyourdogday contest, we’d love to know where your pup plans to take you on your great adventure!

  2. Scout and I would use the gear to bikecamp in the Columbia River Gorge! Scout loves the busy trails because she likes saying hi to everyone she encounters. I have taken her to all of the popular trails and it would be a lot more fun to get there by bike instead of car.

    • Yes! That’s what we’re talking about. We love cycling the Columbia River Gorge and that sounds like a fantastic Bike with Your Dog Day adventure.

  3. Suzanne Pflaum

    We’ve been biking with Mango either in my pannier (he’s 12lbs) or running on leash next to me. However, I would love one of those kurgo running leashes so he could be handsfree next to me.

    Also, for longer rides, the pannier won’t cut it and will get hot this summer. He’s comfortable for the 2.4miles to work with me but we’d like to do some longer tours and the trailer will be required to keep him comfortable.

    And just 2 days ago a work mate rode home with me and witnessed the cuteness of Mango in the pannier or running along side. He’s a film maker and would love to take some video from the dog’s eye view, or close. The go-pro would do just that!

    So excited by this contest and all the possible goodies – we have a big summer ahead to hit the road with Mango. No dog left behind!

    • Mango rides in your pannier??! Um, adorable. I love that he is able to go to work with you each day. Yay dog-friendly Portland. I have no doubt you guys would make great use of all the goodies and that Mango would take you on some epic adventures. Best of luck in the contest!

  4. My kids & I, along with our faithful shaggy chocolate Doodleman Pinscher (doberman & poodle mix) Drover enjoyed many biking & camping adventures around the Turks & Caicos Islands while my husband worked at our fishing charter business. On back dirt roads, Drover loved running alongside our bikes, chasing donkeys & kicking up dust. On the paved roads, he’d ride in an old child’s trailer behind our bikes & hide from the sweltering heat. We lost Drover to cancer 2 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer last November. Grief just about killed us too.

    But 2 new standard poodle puppies, one red & one cafe au lait, have recently joined our family & we are beginning the process of training them to love bicycling & outdoor adventures as much as Drover. We would be so honored to win a Burley Tail Wagon & any of yalls other amazing gear to continue the adventuring tradition with our new furry loved ones in the wilds of Florida and the Turks & Caicos! How epic to be able to watch from the vantage point of a GoPro Fetch mount as they run after feral donkeys & chase fish along clear blue shorelines! Thanks for this awesome opportunity! Happy pedaling to all!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your story of Drover. It sounds like he had an incredible life with you guys in the Turks & Caicos. I’m so sorry you guys lost him so suddenly. Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things we go through.

      I’m sure your new pups will have an equally adventurous life with you guys! Best of luck with the contest and just so you know the GoPro giveaway is available on Facebook later this weekend. Sorry if I made it a bit confusing in the explanation!

  5. Jack and I will go to Montmorency falls, but with a stop at the beach first at Baie de Beauport in Quebec City.

    • Tell me more! What kind of dog is Jack? What is so special about Montmorency Falls and the beach? Why does Jack want to take you to these places?

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