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29 Adventure Dog Instagram Accounts that Will Inspire you to Get Outdoors

29 Adventure Dog Instagram Accounts that Will Inspire you to Get Outdoors

Instagram seems to get a bad rap in the media for overpopulating tourist destinations, revealing secret spots, and dishonesty. While that certainly happens, I have found an overwhelmingly supportive community on this little app, particularly in the dog world.

I have made friends all over this world and have even had the opportunity to meet many of them in person. My community filled my empty, broken heart after Sora’s death. I’ve traveled thousands of miles to camp or meet complete strangers, only because I’ve known them for years on Instagram. I’ve become a better photographer, finding inspiration from the photos I see daily. For an introvert who travels regularly, it’s been my way of connecting with friends, both old and new.

Now, there are many, many adventure dog Instagram accounts I love, and I simply cannot include everyone in this list. It doesn’t mean that I don’t love you, because really, I do. I really, really do. I divided this list into categories: Trail Runners, Pacific Northwest (’cause that’s where I’m from!), United States, Canada, and Europe.

Trail Runners


Amy and her German Short-haired Pointer, Sam run along the trails of Colorado Springs and take fun shots of their trail time together. She’s also famous for wearing shorts, even in the coldest of temps. If you have ever wanted to figure out how the heck to use a GoPro, take notes from this account.


Kobi and Angie live in far northern British Colombia and you can see them running in the snow for much of the year. Kobi is a sassy rescued rez dog who may resemble the Yeti at times. She and her mom are best known for their lakeside make outs.


Anna and her dog, Fin explore the beautiful trails of the Pacific Northwest together. While Fin doesn’t always make an appearance, Anna’s posts always make you think. She asks her followers to consider various aspects of our lives and asks thoughtful, engaging questions to inspire us to live our best lives.


Sweet Bella has been battling a shoulder injury for many months, however, her humans are going all out to get her back on the trails as soon as possible. Another account from Colorado, this trio are ultra runners who do a great job of showing off their local trails.


We had the chance to meet Tala and her mom Jura while we spent a few weeks in Quito. A world traveler, thanks to her papa’s job with the UK government, aside from Ecuador, Tala has also lived in Vietnam and Sudan, where she is from. She and Jura run canicross together and train in the high altitude mountains in Quito and the vicinity.

Pacific Northwest


Aside from having the best name on Instagram, Jessica and her two miniature Dachshunds, Gretel and puppy Summit, prove that small dogs can hike, too. She and I met when Dave and I were back in Seattle for a year after our bicycle trip and became quick friends, as did Sora and Gretel.


Bryce is another friend I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, since they live in Portland, OR. Through her Instagram feed, she and her rescue dogs, Finn and Arlo show me places in the Northwest I didn’t even know existed. She also lost her heart dog, Tonto to cancer last year, just few months before Sora.


Yet another Portland friend I had the fortune of meeting in person, Theresa and her dog, Cassie (and her partner, Mack) backpack, fastpack, rock climb, trail run serious distances, and summit mountains together throughout the Pacific Northwest. Theresa is Wilderness First Aid certified, leads monthly hikes for @pnwoutdoorwomen, and is an ambassador for the @wyeastsisterhood. Oh, and she volunteers regularly at Forest Park trail building events.


Alex’s friends often call her crazy. That’s because she kinda is. In a very awesome way. She regularly runs 50km + distances, then wakes up at 3am to climb or back country ski on Mt. Hood the next day, bringing her pup Otto along when she can. She has ambitious human-powered goals and takes us along on her adventures. She strongly believes in making the most of the hours between 5-9, though she never quite explains how she finds the time to sleep. 😉


More Oregonians here. What can I say? I miss my state! Dawn is a force-free dog trainer who kindly shares challenges, weekly tips, and dozens of videos teaching her audience how to train their dogs. Having recently adopted puppy, Nick, we get to see his progression as she teaches him new skills and behaviors. She has been an incredible help as we navigate training with La Loca. Last summer, Dawn and Emily through-hiked a section of the PCT. And, and, and, they bring their cat, Sam along when they travel.


Lani and her human Amanda hail from the Seattle-area and I am so bummed that we didn’t have the chance to meet them before we left for Spain. Lani is a shark-pit bull mix with the most adorable forehead wrinkles you’ll ever see.


I fell fast and hard for Kelsey and her pups Osa and Jasper. I discovered her account after she had won a contest hosted by some friends on Instagram. One read of her caption and I was hooked. Kelsey has a beautiful soul and it shines in her words.

United States


Nell and Winston are some of my favorite herders on all of Instagram. Lucky me, I’ve gotten to meet them a couple times during visits to Colorado. These weekend warriors hit the mountains on their days off and fully enjoy the beauty of their state.


Amber and Ariel are two of my very favorites on Instagram. They have a beautiful bond and have tackled some pretty incredible feats together, including reaching the summits of all of the Adirondak 46ers and Catskill 3500ers. Ariel is a senior lady now, but still keeps up with mom on plenty mountain jaunts.


If you’ve ever wondered whether a three-legged dog can still be an adventure dog, then head to this account to just how it’s done. We’ve met Remmy and his humans Brie and Jacob a couple times, leaving me with a complete crush on Remmy. You’ll also often see appearances from foster dogs they take in and train to make them ready for adoption.


I just adore Aria. I think she is one of the cutest dogs on Instagram and I can’t get enough of her sweet face. She’s another senior pup who still keeps up plenty well with her humans on their trail adventures.


Maria is best known for her paddle boarding outings with her dogs Riley and Kona. She’s even written a book on the topic and runs clinics from time to time to teach others how to SUP with their pups. Her most recent project is My Dog and Me: An Inspirational Journal for Dogs and their People.


Fancy will melt your heart in just one look. She is a beautiful sable pitty from San Diego and is really stinking cute. They often hit the mountains at first light, resulting in some seriously beautiful images.



If you love dad jokes, merle Border Collie mixes, and stunning golden eyes, then follow Ivy now. Recent transplants to BC from Alberta, the photos will make you want to book a trip to Canada this summer.


Alexis, her husband, Donald and their dogs, Reggie and Redwood recently settled in BC after a year and a half on the road in their Vanagon, Gertie. Alexis is funny, honest, and takes beautiful photos of her dogs (among other subjects, she’s also a professional photographer) that tell the story of their life.


My newest favorite potcake, Roo has ears that are nearly as good as Laila’s. Rescued from the Dominican Republic, she now navigates the chilly weather in Toronto putting Olympic figure skaters to shame.


Atlas is a handsome blue merle Australian Shepherd from Alberta. This account was a influential factor when we decided to visit Alberta a few years ago. Atlas’s mom also comes up with all sorts entertaining captions that will get you chuckling.



Mex and his humans explore the beautiful mountaintops in their Swiss home and we are dying to go visit them one day so we can experience all of the scenery we see in real life.


I only discovered this account recently, but I just adore this handsome border collie. Scotland is somewhere I’ve dreamed of going for trail running for many years so until I can get there myself, I get to visit via Roman’s adventures.


We met Pablo and Hippie (and Ana) during our bike tour. While pushing our bikes into a Czech campsite, we noticed a bike with a kennel sitting on top of the rack with the words “Bike Canine” written along the side. After learning that there was another couple out there who bicycle toured with their dog, we spent the entire evening together chatting. We recently saw them again when they stopped in Granada to promote their new book about their journey. Since they’re Spanish, we’re hoping we’ll be seeing more of them soon.


We happened to be passing nearby the town where Linda and her Shiba Inu Chinook live in Switzerland last summer during a road trip and so made a little detour to meet them. She’s since added Makoyi, another Shiba Inu who looks like the cutest little bear.


These guys are relatively new to Instagram, and have grown fast. Freddy is a gorgeous Springer Spaniel Border Collie mix with incredible blue and brown eyes. His mom is super talented and creative with her photographs and leaves me inspired with each post.


We had the pleasure of spending a weekend with Sarah and Andy and their two dogs, Jara and Juma while visiting Interlaken last summer. Unfortunately, sweet Juma passed away last year, not long after Sora, due to complications from leishmaniasis. We were so happy to have had the chance to meet her before that time came.


Of course I included ourselves! We started our adventures with Sora by cycling across Europe and South America for two years. These days, we’re living in Granada, Spain and trail running and exploring Europe in our van, Furgie.


These adventure dog Instagram accounts will inspire you to get outdoors more often with your pup.