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Traveling with a Dog

Traveling with a Dog

From the moment we decided to embark on a world bike tour, we included our Australian Shepherd, Sora as a crucial member of the team. From the beach to the mountains and in between, Sora always came along and leaving her behind on this journey never reached the table. It wasn’t an option. We will always traveling with a dog

Sora is part of our pack. If we go, she goes.

Traveling with a Dog

Yes, toting a dog brings the burden of extra weight and slows our travels. It also means we take turns when we visit places like museums or lakes where dogs are not allowed. Sometimes we search a little longer to find a dog-friendly accommodation, but the benefits outweigh the hinderances.

Sora sleeps at our feet each night and snuggles between us each morning. She acts as a constant reminder to play and helps us meet new friends. Fellow travelers think of their own pets at home when Sora doles out some love. As we zoom by, kids squeal and adults point with a grin spread across their face. Having her with us amplifies our adventure.

Traveling with a Dog

Before departing on our tour, we tested the bicycle touring waters with Sora and our late dog, Maxwell over several weekend tours in Oregon and Washington. Like any bike tour, we experienced some tricky moments like a bee sting to Maxwell’s leg or navigating ferries with two pups, having them by our side far surpassed any wrenches the roads wished to throw.

Our goal with this page is to inspire others to travel with their dogs and to prove that cycle touring with a dog is not only possible, but fairly simple. Below, we include links to all of our posts about biking with a dog.

If you’ve ever thought about bringing your dog along on a bike tour, we hope our posts answer any questions you have. If you don’t see an answer here, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

The world needs more dogs on bikes.

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