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If you want to learn more about world cycle touring, nomadic adventures, and life on the road with a dog, then enter your email address, credit card information, and a signed copy of your birth certificate below. Just kidding, we don’t need your birth certificate. 

We promise not to send you spam, pictures of cats (not), or flood your inbox with things you don’t want to read about. 

Here is our commitment to you, dear reader:

  • Jen’s hilarious musings about life on two bikes, delicious easy-to-make-anywhere vegan recipes, and tips for cycling with a pet on the road. 
  • Dave’s best practices and learned tips for long distance cycle touring and the logistics of pet ownership while traveling. 
  • Sora’s fresh and witty column called Behind the Spokes™ where she reveals excerpts from her diary depicting her encounters while cycling touring with two humans. 

Why not? 

Thank you for joining us on our adventure!

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