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Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac Amaru

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

After helping Flavia adopt Tupac (read their story below!) we decided to start a series on the blog called Street Tails. Street Tails will tell the story of street animal rescues from around the world. If you’ve been following us for awhile, you know how much we love the street animals that we have met along our journey. We wish we could take them all home with us. Since we can’t, we’re glad that some of you have.

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

What is your name, your dog’s name, and his/her breed (if applicable):

My name is Flavia and my dog is Tupac Amaru. He’s a “callejero.” They are currently in São Paolo, Brazil looking for a new place to live. Flavia spent a year on the road cycle touring South America and returned home in September 2016.

Where and when did you adopt your dog?

I adopted Tupac from a small village called Hanchipacha, near Cuzco, Peru in August 2016.

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

Tell us how you first met the dog and how you knew you had to take this dog home with you?

Well, it was love at first sight. I had just arrived from a cycling day in this small “pueblito,” Hanchipacha, and was sitting taking a rest before setting up my tent. This puppy came running toward me and jumped in my lap. Right away, I knew he was the one! He chose me and I chose him. He reminded me a lot Felipinho (my friend’s dog from Jujuy, Argentina, where I stopped for three months. I practically made him my dog while I was there). I talked to him, and asked him if he wanted to come to Brazil.

The next morning he came to my tent to say hi and to look for food. I really wanted to take him. I went for a trek and came back. I was with Brian, a friend of ours, and asked him to help me but he wouldn’t. He said I didn’t need a mangy dog.

A couple weeks later, I came back to Cuzco and knew Long Haul Trekkers were arriving soon. I told them I was in love with a dog and they needed to help me! We arranged to meet in Pitumarca and cycled to Hanchipacha, where I found Tupac again. “You definitely have to adopt this dog!” Jen said to me. After a trek to Rainbow Mountain together, we returned to Pitumarca on bike and I went back to Hanchipata on bus the next day – I couldn’t take him on my bike the previous day. I found Tupac and brought him back to Pitumarca where Jen and Dave helped me train Tupac to walk on a leash, sit, and come. From Pitumarca, we all cycled to Cuzco together, and Tupac Amaru and Sora shared trailer for two days. Haha, we had to tie him in with two leashes, otherwise he tried to escape. He and Sora  became very good friends and played all day long. Dave helped me build the “spaceship” – the dishwashing container I used to transport Tupac Amaru and myself back to Brazil on bike.

In what condition was your pup when you first met?

He was not sick, just a lot of discharge in his eyes. We gave him a flea bath and made his coat all shiny!

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

What sort of medical treatments did you have to undergo in order to get your pup back to health?

The normal vaccines, anti-parasite, flea & tick, and he was recently neutered.

How has your dog adapted to life as a pet?

He has adapted very well. We have been in all kinds of different places and he is always adjusts to well.

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

How many countries has your pup visited with you?

Two (Peru and Brazil). He already traveled by bus, truck, car, bike, airplane…He is just missing a boat!

Have you had any unexpected challenges?

We came back to São Paolo and we still don’t have a house! My parents don’t like dogs so my aunt is hosting him until we find a place to live. I’m killing myself going between my São Paolo and my lovely aunt’s home, which is three hours away!

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers

What about unexpected benefits?

I make many friends on the street when I’m with him. Besides that he is the best partner ever.

Why should someone else consider adopting a street dog?

Because there is so much love!

Street Tails: Flavia and Tupac | Long Haul Trekkers


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