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Foxey Doggo Logo

Foxey Doggo is the shop for adventure dogs and their humans who care about businesses that do good!

Named after my own Foxey Doggo, Sitka, a rescued red heeler mix who can pass for a fox, the shop name is a play on Jimi Hendrix’s Foxey Lady.

Business for Good

The Foxey Doggo shop will contain a mix of exclusive Foxey Doggo retro-inspired merchandise as well as a products made by small businesses who are making a difference in this world.

All products included in this store will fall into one or more sustainable and socially responsible categories, including:

  • – Women-owned business
  • – Minority-owned business
  • – Business that gives back
  • – Handmade goods
  • – Made in USA or Canada
  • – B Corp
  • – Member of 1% for the Planet

My hope is that you discover some awesome dog brands for your adventurous pursuits while feeling good knowing that your purchase makes a difference.

Giving Back

A portion of the sales from Foxey Doggo will go toward rotating not profit organizations that help animals, fight for social justice, and preserve the environment.

Through January 5, 2021, the proceeds will go to Fair Fight, a Georgia-based non-profit that educates voters about elections and their voting rights and promotes fair elections in Georgia and throughout the country. For voting information in Georgia, visit this link.

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