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Shit happens. Several times per day, if you have a dog.

All dogs do it. You arrive at a trail head, walk the around for a few minutes, but they don’t poop.

Then, when you’re just far enough away from the trash can or your car, your dog pops a squat and empties their bowels. Now, you’re stuck with a bag of stinky poop for the duration of your hike.

PooVault give you a place to store that sack of poop so that you don’t have to shove it into your pack to forget about later (come on, you know it happens). This handy stink-free container attaches to your pack and keeps your dog’s poo out of sight and away from your nose for your whole hike.

More happy, less crappy.

he PooVault weighs less than an iPhone, and can carry two bags from a 55 to 60 pound dog.
Made in Tthe USA from recyclable HDPE
100% Return Guarantee
The PooVault + carabiner weighs 4.9 ounces (an iPhone 6 weighs 6.75 ounces). Volume is 400 ml or 13.5 ounces.


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