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Dog Coexist Bumper Sticker


You know those religion coexist stickers? I decided there needs to be one for dogs. So I created one and you can buy it and stick it on your car, or anywhere stickers stick!

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We’ve all see those religion coexist stickers. They’re everywhere and quite iconic.

After writing an Instagram post about why dogs don’t need dog friends, they just need to coexist, the idea hit me. Bam! This needs to be on a sticker!

While explaining the concept to my designer, she said, “oh! It can also mean to coexist between dog training methodologies!”


This sticker stands for many different forms of coexistence in the dog world.*

Really, all that matters is  this:

  • That we love our dogs
  • That we’re doing the very best for them in a manner that works for both the humans and the dogs
  • That we stop judging people for the way they train their dog

*Coexist does not mean that it’s ok for your dog to charge up to other dogs and get into their space because yours does not have off-leash recall. That is not coexistence, that is rude and dangerous. 😘


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