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Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Posada Tambuca — Quito, Ecuador

Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers

Dave, Sora, and I stayed in five different locations during our six-week intermittent stay in Quito, twice with friends and three different times in three different hostals. When my family visited during Christmas, we planned to use Quito as our base while we visited various destinations nearby.

I needed to find a place that was in a good neighborhood, close to a variety of activities, fell within Dave’s and my budget, yet was a step up from backpacker status, and was dog-friendly, of course.

When I found Posada Tambuca on Booking.com, I was skeptical. It had a 9.2 rating, was centrally-located, and was two doors down from Quinua, a great vegan restaurant Dave and I had frequented several times during our stay, close enough to Plaza Foch, but away from all the discotheques and night noise, and also very close to Kallari Chocolate and the best vegan hot chocolate of my life. It met all of our needs exactly. 

Accommodating our Transient Schedule

With our complicated schedule, I made several phone calls and sent at least 10 emails before our visit. We were to come and go from Posada Tambuca three times during my family’s stay in Ecuador, with one-night stays in Quito in between tours in new destinations. My brother, Michael and his girlfriend, Charlotte would leave a day before my parents, but the rest of us would stay. And dates changed a few times as everyone coordinated tours.

The staff didn’t bat an eye. They were ready for our arrival, upgrading the kids (that would be Dave and me, and Michael and Charlotte) from a shared room to two separate matrimonials, since we were the only guests in the hotel at the time.

Each time we came and went, we left some bags behind (including enough Pacari chocolate to survive the zombie apocalypse), and they were waiting for us upon arrival each time we returned.

To read about our visit to Santa Rita, the indigenous community that produces chocolate for Pacari read my post Pacari Chocolate Tour in the Santa Rita Community + Photo Essay

Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul TrekkersPet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers

Cozy Rooms

Each room at Posada Tambuca had big windows that let in a ton of natural light and were complemented by the bright comforters that covered the cozy beds. We were thrilled with the bathrooms, which included plenty of shelves on which to store our toiletries, bright lighting, and a great shower that didn’t have the finicky temperature adjustments to which we had grown accustomed in Latin America. The WiFi reached all rooms and we could stream Netflix and other videos without having to wait for buffering.

Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers

Part of the Family

Yolanda, Carlos, and Carlito, the family who live at and own Posada Tambuca, welcomed us like family upon arrival. My family got in after midnight and they stayed up to offer them tea, chat for a bit, and make sure they were comfortable. After discovering that my family flew in from Seattle, the parents all bonded over the fact that their daughter lives in [Dupont], near Seattle.

We used their kitchen—one of the most beautiful I have seen in all of South America—on a couple occasions. While my family took a day trip to Otavalo (Dave and I were tired of traveling by car after many days of windy roads—we’re prone to car sickness), I decided to take the opportunity to bake a chocolate cake. I had cocoa powder I wanted to use up before heading back on the road, so I figured, why not? The kitchen was fully equipped with every appliance I could ever dream and included an electric oven, a rarity in Latin America.

The second time, my mom used the kitchen to make me a soup when I awoke one morning with food poisoning from Magic Bean, (it may have high reviews on Trip Advisor, but I highly recommend elsewhere, that is, unless you enjoy waking up with stomach cramps and diarrhea. We were stuck, as it was the only place open on New Year’s Day).

Yolanda also once walked me to a fabulous hippie store nearby called Camari when I asked where I could purchase a certain brand of coffee Michael wanted me to procure for him while they were in Otavalo for the day (Carlos drove them there and back for $75, a steal in Ecuador). While at the store, she asked if I wanted her to buy anything for breakfast, as she held up an ultra seedy, super healthy, whole wheat bread to my face. Yes, please!

Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers

Vegan-Friendly Breakfast

Breakfast, which was included in our stay, consisted of three different types of fruit, a different freshly-made juice from a unique fruit to foreigners like tree tomato or carambola, as much whole wheat seeded toast as our hearts desired (a rarity in South America), real jam, and real Ecuadorian coffee. Omnivores could also request eggs to their liking.

Pet-Friendly Hotel | Posada Tambuca in Quito Ecuador | Long Haul Trekkers


Since we were the only guests most days we stayed, I was able to utilize a common area upstairs as my personal yoga studio. The WiFi was great and I could stream yoga videos from my favorite online source, DoYogaWithMe without worrying about waking others up. I had plenty of space for even the most splayed of poses.

Plan a Stay at Posada Tambuca

Luis Cordero E2-19 y Ulpiano Páez
EC170104 Quito, Ecuador
Booking.com Link and Map

Posada Tambuca provided a free night stay in exchange for this review. As always, all opinions remain our own and we wouldn’t tell you to stay somewhere unless we thought it was awesome.