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Pedaling for Pooches – Cycling Colombia for Defenzoores

Pedaling for Pooches - Raising money for Defenzoores

Me: “Why is that dog purple?”
Jen: “Oh it’s probably that purple anti-bacterial cream that everyone uses down here.”
Me: “I don’t think so, it looks like, hang-on, oh geezzzz some asshole spray painted this dog purple.”
Jen: “Both ears and the tip of his nose. What the hell?”

Animals in South America are often not given the same care and attention in many other parts of the world. From animal trafficking to neglect and abuse, the culture of animal care has room for improvement. 

In cities, dogs and cats are often abused, abanoned, and treated without the respect they deserve. The general public does not have the education or understanding of the importance animals play in the social well-being of society.

As we’ve logged nearly 10,000km of distance over the last 1.5 years, we have yet to use our blog, network, and influence as a force for social change. Sure, we’ve volunteered our time at places like Asocicasión Humanitaria San Fransisco de Asis (AHSFA) in Colán, Peru, we share Street Tails, stories that cover animal rescues, but now we want to move toward raising money for these animals.

We’re thrilled to announce we are aligning our travel as a means for social change. 

Pedaling for Pooches – Cycling Colombia for Defenzoores Campaign


As we cycle Colombia, we are raising funds for Defenzoores, a Medellin, Colombia-based, non-profit organization created in 1996 that promotes respectful coexistence with animals and their environment through awareness and education to the community. 

Through the years and thanks to the success of the campaigns carried out, Defenzoores has gained the support of important entities at a national and international level, a success they have achieved many times thanks to the synergies created around the theme of animal defense.

Its mission is to raise the level of consciousness of the society and to improve the coexistence with the animals. 

The money we raise will be used for education, public outreach, maintenance, general support, and for programs aimed at educating the community. 

Join Us and Help the Animals of Colombia!

We have set our goal of raising $1,125, that is $1 for every kilometer we ride in Colombia. Our planned route spans from Ipiales to Medellín, approximately 1,125 kilometers. Every single dollar donated will go directly to Defenzoores.

As part of our fundraiser, we will be participating in a donation event with Defenzoores and city officials in Medellin when we arrive in mid-April.  

Please consider donating or sharing the link on social media. 

All donations over $50 receive a special video thank you from Sora.

Dave Hoch

Dave finds joy in supporting a vegan, intentional, and spiritual lifestyle. When he’s not jamming out to Phish and reggae, he’s running, volunteering at animal rescues, playing in nature, and being alive. Dave is the founder of Colibrily - A Holistic Web Development Company and the coffee blog BigCupofCoffee.com.

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