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Dee Wright Observatory on the McKenzie Pass Scenic Bikeway

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Go Pet Friendly Pet Blogger Challenge: 2016 in Review | Long Haul Trekkers

About this Blog

This blog provides information for a range of topics related to our travels, including stories from the road and plant-based camp recipes, with the overall theme being Adventure Travel with Dogs. Our main goal is to prove that you can bring your pup along on your adventures, no matter where they may take you. We find dog-friendly places to hike, stay, and explore with Sora everywhere we go. So, if you’re here for information about how to travel with your dog, we recommend you start with the following:

Cross Border Multi Day Adventure Challenge

In addition to our adventures with Sora, you’ll find the the stories about our adventures and mishaps on the road including tales like:

  • That time we cycled into the Swedish headwinds for a day and wanted to quit our tour after a week on the road: The 8 Stages of Cycling into Headwinds 
  • Have you ever had to carry your weighted bikes and dog trailer up and over a border crossing that involved narrow paths, three trips, and darkness, and rain? We have.
Women's Cycle Touring Bike
My beautiful cycle touring bike – Grete.

Further, we also provide advice and tips for long term travelers and cycle tourists alike on topics such as:

Mexican Polenta Bowl, made with just a few ingredients and comes together in a snap. The perfect camp meal.

Lastly, Jen is an avid cook and creates delicious plant-based meals on the road. It means carrying a bit more food than the average cycle tourist at times, but the culinary results are worth the extra weight. You can find her camp recipes like Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats and Curried Couscous Salad on her blog MesskitMaven.com – Simple Foods Made Anywhere

Do you have questions about our travels or have a topic you want to know about? Let us know!