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Two Weeks Volunteering at an Animal Shelter in Northern Peru | Long Haul Trekkers #animalrescue #adoptdontshop


Rosemary Gordon: The Woman Who Saves the Animals | Long Haul Trekkers #animalrescue
Chavo, a rescued malnourished and blind dog in Colán, Peru.

As we’ve ridden across world we use the opportunity to educate the public about animals, their rights, proper care, and spreading the love and compassion about adoption and rescue. Our inspiration is of course, from our combined four adoptions: two dogs (Sora and Maxwell) and two cats (Ollie and Nima).

Animals in the developing world are often not given the same care and attention in many other parts of the world. From animal trafficking to neglect and abuse, the culture of animal care has room for improvement. In cities, dogs and cats are often abused, abandoned, and treated without the respect they deserve. The general public does not have the education or understanding of the importance animals play in the social well being of society.

Our goal is to use our travel as a means for social change. Some of our work includes volunteering at Asocicasión Humanitaria San Fransisco de Asis (AHSFA) in Colán, Peru, sharing our Street Tails blog posts that covers animal rescues while traveling, and raising money for designated charities. 


When we finished South America, we had set a goal of raising $1,125, that is $1 for every kilometer we were planning to ride in Colombia. We raised over $1,500! Every single dollar donated went directly to Defenzooresa Medellin, Colombia-based, non-profit organization created in 1996 that promotes respectful coexistence with animals and their environment through awareness and education to the community.