Camp Recipe: Mexican Polenta Bowl

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We’ve moved! As it turns out, Sora does not approve of a dog adventure travel blog sharing content related to vegan cooking. Check out to find all Jen’s yummy vegan recipes that can be made anywhere. 

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Mexican Polenta Bowl



  1. Looks yummy….next try something more traditional: polenta taragna 😀

  2. I just realized my diet has become mostly vegetarian since I began following Long Haul Trekkers. The food photos are so tempting. The ingredients SIMPLE and mostly inexpensive. Now I only eat out once a day, just to make sure I get some exercise.

    I use my refrigerator to store canned goods – store bought beans, homemade canned vegetables from Duncan Farms, Bob’s Red Mill products, condiments, butter, eggs, cheese and not much else. Fresh vegetables sit in the open on the counter. My whole relationship with food has changed.

    Thank you!

    • That’s so awesome to hear, Diane! Camp meals have to be simple because we don’t want to carry a lot of ingredients (even though I carry way more than anyone else does). I’m glad that you’re finding some new directions after trying out some of our camp meals. Have you felt any significant changes in your physical being since eating mostly veg?

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