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Wild camping at the top of the Rhodope Mountains

Leg 1 – European Cycle Tour by the Numbers


Our 2015 European cycling trip led us on a long and strenuous journey from Oslo to Athens. As we begin a journey through another continent, we reflected a bit on our accomplishments in Europe – where we stayed, whom we met, and how far we traveled. 

And so, to whet your inner data nerd palate, we give you some fun statistics from our European adventure: 

7,000km/ 4,350 miles– estimated distance rode throughout our journey. We don’t use a bike computer so this is our best guess using Google Maps.  

148 – # of different places we called “home” for at least a night.

Setting up camp in Sweden.
Setting up camp in Sweden.

95 – # of kilometers for our longest distance in a single day. Duino, Italy to Piran, Slovenia with an unnecessarily long detour near the northeast Slovenia border. A close second is 90km in Denmark.

37: Number of cats Jen pet.


35: Number of dogs Dave pet.


32 – # of scoops of vegan gelato consumed in four days. Our cycle touring friends Dakota and Chelsea at Gelateria Italia in Rovinj, Croatia, who gave us a surprise visit in Croatia.


16: # of countries visited: (in order) Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and Greece.

15 – Longest # of kilometers pushing bikes uphill on rocky paths. Sometimes, the shortcut isn’t always the quickest route.

Climbing out of Una National Park-1

15 – # of ferry rides: Sweden (4), Denmark (1), Germany (1), Czech Republic (1), Croatia (1), Turkey (4), Greece (3).

14 – # of lbs of sheep and goat poop consumed by Sora.



10 – # of warmshowers.com stays.

9 – # of things lost: a hat, two mirrors, Jen’s wallet, two pens, headphones, a towel, and a dog water bowl.

9 – # of veterinary visits: Norway (1) – EU Pet Passport, Germany (3) – Cancer surgery and examinations, Bulgaria (2) – Rabies vaccination, earache, and government export papers, Turkey (1) – titer test and EU import papers, Greece (2) – EU export documentation, Argentina import papers, and an exam.

8 – # of months riding. May – December.

7 – longest stretch of days without riding. Bodrum, Turkey and Kos, Greece via ferry. 

7 – # of stray animals rescued: Bosnia (1 puppy found in a ditch), Macedonia (3 kittens found in the trash), Turkey (1 dog rescued from a water trough), and 3 turtles slowly crossing the roads in Albania and Turkey.

The puppy we found in a ditch on the side of the road.
The puppy we found in a ditch on the side of the road.

5 – # of items almost left behind: tent footprint, bike shorts, regular pants, tent poles, and a water bottle

5 – # of falafel consumed by Sora from Dr. Falafel in Lake Ohrid.


4 – # of kilometers “cycled” in our shortest day. Thanks Bulgaria for your Eurovelo marked goat paths in the mountains.

4 – # of days without showering. Turkey is a large country and we had long stretches with accommodations.

4 – # of times Jen claimed she wanted to throw her bike in a ditch due to wind or pushing up goat paths.


3 – # of tablets lost, broken, or replaced.

3 – # of stolen credit cards. What a pain in the ass.

2 – # of flat tires: one on Jen’s bike in Turkey and one with the trailer in Albania. Both related to staple-like punctures.


2 – # of mechanical failures. Two separate Shimano chains decided to go kaput with failed or locked links. Also carry spare emergency quick links.

1 – # of times we stayed at the same hotel as the Albanian national football (soccer) team. We were annoyed that we couldn’t get our room until 7pm after a tough day on the road, but in honor of football, we let it slide.

1 – # of crashes. Dave fishtailed and bailed off the bike on a rain-drenched downhill in Bulgaria. No major injuries to the bike, Dave, or Sora in the trailer.

Dave Hoch

Dave finds joy in supporting a vegan, intentional, and spiritual lifestyle. When he’s not jamming out to Phish and reggae, he’s running, volunteering at animal rescues, playing in nature, and being alive.

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