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We decided to embark on a worldly cycling adventure with our Australian Shepherd, Sora, in order to live a life full of meaning and without regret. Feeling unfulfilled with the 9-5 routine, we continually asked ourselves why we choose this lifestyle. Instead of feeling energized from our work, we regularly felt tired, stressed, and with minimal time to do the activities that nourished our souls. We were exchanging our time for a steady paycheck, allowing someone else to place a value on and dictate the manner in which we spent our time.

We realized that we didn’t have to play by society’s accepted rules, and decided to break from the norm and create a life filled with plenty of playtime and meaningful work, driven by our passions and talents.

Long Haul Trekkers is about our journey to embrace what the universe reveals, push past our comfort levels, and discover our ikigai.

Our voyage begins in Oslo, Norway, where we’ll venture into the fjords and along the Norwegian coast, into Sweden and then Denmark. We’ll continue through Germany and into the Balkans. We will then decide which route we’ll venture to from there. Our goal is to cycle around Europe and perhaps the Middle East for a year, or until our money runs out.

We’ll write about the people we meet along the way, about life on the road, and about finding purpose.

Thank you for following along. If we’re traveling through your country, please get in touch, we’d love to meet you.

Dave + Jen + Sora


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