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Messkit Maven - Simple Recipes Made Anywhere

Introducing: Messkit Maven —Simple Vegan Recipes Made Anywhere

Messkit Maven - Simple Recipes Made Anywhere

When we departed on our journey and started the blog, we kinda didn’t know much about blogging. We didn’t realize the importance of a strict niche and have spent a lot of time lately deciding what this blog should be about. 

Currently on this blog, you will find assorted content about dogs, adventure travel, bicycle touring, and vegan recipes. While the first three categories blend fairly well together, the vegan recipes never did. I love cooking and wanted to have a space where I could publish the occasional vegan camp recipe. There is little content out there about vegan cooking on the road or in the backcountry, and I wanted to become the go to person where people could search for how to make healthy, delicious meals on the road because your meals shouldn’t have to suffer just because you’re camping or traveling.

After a lot of debate, we made two big decisions: first, we narrowed our niche on Long Haul Trekkers to adventure travel with dogs. We will still occasionally post about cycle touring, but most of our content will be geared toward adventures you can do with your dog. Since we realize that most people don’t travel internationally with their dogs, we will bring content related to tips for traveling with a dog, whether at home or elsewhere, dog-friendly hotels and things to do around the world, and our the stories of our adventures from the road. 

The second decision we made is to create a new blog dedicated to my vegan recipes. I have expanded from purely promoting camp recipes to simple vegan recipes that can be made anywhere—from your own home, to your campsite, to your hostal kitchen.

Meals that don’t require an oven, food processor, or Vitamix (though I may throw in a smoothie or baked good every now and then because I sometimes find them while traveling).  In this space, I will aim to show you how to prepare and make room for healthy foods you can make on your camp stove, with one pot and one pan, and basic cooking utensils. I’ll teach you shortcuts for making foods like lentils, as well as offer suggestions for easy swaps when you can’t find that specific grain or fruit or nut. And most importantly, I’ll show you how you can satisfy your sweet tooth on the road.

Additionally, I include vegan food guides that point travelers looking for healthy food options to our favorite discoveries in places like Cusco, Peru and La Paz, Bolivia.

Without further ado, I would like to introduce you to Messkit Maven.

Some of my favorite recipes include:

We hope that you will continue to follow our adventures here at Long Haul Trekkers and also at Messkit Maven. You can also find me on Instagram where I post photos of my recipes and our delicious finds while traveling, Pinterest, and Facebook.

I have transferred all of the recipes I once housed here on Long Haul Trekkers to my new site and invite you to join me in trying out my recipes, letting me know what you think, and sharing them with your friends the next time you go on an adventure together. 

Are there any recipe requests you have? Leave them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to recreate a make-anywhere version!

Jen Sotolongo

Hello! I'm Jen. I'm a writer, photographer, dog mom, and outdoor enthusiast. When I'm not writing about awesome ways to get outside with your dog, I'm probably out for a long trail run. I also fancy myself a pretty decent vegan cook, and am always happy to whip up a batch of cookies for friends. I am based in the Pacific Northwest and I never leave home without my dogs.

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