Camp Recipe: Golden Milk

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Golden Milk Beverage


  1. Very unique and wonderful concoction. Like you, I do not drink milk but using a substitute would make a lovely drink. Thank you for the recipe.

  2. In India, for centuries people have recognized the medicinal values of turmeric, and milk with a spoon of turmeric powder dissolved in it is given to anyone who has had an injury or inflammation.

  3. Those spices sound delish and I absolutely believe that this golden milk is a healthy and delicious way to warm up. I’ll try that once temperatures are cooler again, because right now, we are melting in the Texas heat 🙂

    • Haha, yes, this might not be the best drink to have in the sweltering heat! I’ve seen other bloggers make iced golden milk, so that could be an option!

  4. Being an Indian Turmeric Milk is my first preference over OTC medication. It really helps to fight with common cold and sore muscles. Perfect to deal with menstrual cramps too.

    • It’s just such a universal cure-all. It’s helped tremendously on many occasions for a variety of problems!

  5. I’ll be hinest – I quite like regular milk, and my kids love a cup of cocoa. Like the idea of this though. Must try it.

    • You can use any milk you like! And I have read about making this as a hot cocoa, but haven’t tried it. It sure sounds delicious, though…

  6. Funny – my mother makes something similar in Keralan cooking (India) – the yellow turmeric in the milk stains like there’s no tomorrow. I was a messy child and remember that well. We put it over rice as a sauce.

    • Haha, I guess you’d have to have a patient mother if you give something like that to a child! All of my spoons and bowls and pots are stained yellow from the turmeric. I never thought of putting it over rice – that’s a brilliant idea!

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