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Tried and True Resources to Find Hotels that Allow Pets

Finding hotels that allow pets while traveling can be hit or miss. It can be especially challenging when you’re traveling in a foreign country that may not be so pet-friendly or where you don’t have easy access to WiFi to look up pet-friendly accommodations.

During our travels, we’ve come across it all: places that have dogs themselves, but don’t allow guest dogs. Hotels that love dogs, but won’t allow them inside. Guest houses that welcome dogs to spend the night tied up in the yard. 

Uh, no thanks.

Laughably, we’ve also been asked some rather strange questions in response to our pet-friendly inquiry, including, but not limited to: 

Will we take her outside to go to the bathroom? 

Will she roam the hallways unattended? 

Is she a big dog or a small dog? (dogs larger than what can fit in a bag are usually considered big).

I don’t always understand the logic behind some of the questions and responses we receive, but our goal isn’t to understand, it’s to find a place to sleep for the night.

The resources below are those that we use time and again, everywhere around the world. They make finding pet-friendly accommodation simple and take away the hassle of looking for a place when you just need somewhere to sleep for the night.

The Best Resources for Finding Hotels that Allow Dogs

Booking.com is our favorite resource for finding hotels that allow pets.


Booking.com is our go-to resource for finding pet-friendly accommodation around the world. After landing exhausted in a small Patagonian city and experiencing door after door slammed in our face at the mention of Sora, we vowed to never arrive somewhere without knowing where to stay again.

What I love most about Booking.com is that it’s easy to find a variety of accommodations that accept pets with the click of a button. The listings include apartments, hotel rooms, chain hotels, and entire homes. Whatever kind of accommodation you seek, it’s probably available on Booking.

The cancellation policy is liberal and forgiving. We recommend downloading the app for easier access to booking, check-in, and travel organization. Book often enough to become a Genius member and score deals on most of your stays.

The downside for North American dwellers is that Booking.com is still in the beginning stages of breaking into the market, so options are not as widely available as in other parts of the world.

Some favorite places we’ve stayed with Booking.com include:

Find unique pet-friendly accommodation on AirBnB.


Beloved by many, AirBnB offers accommodation in private homes throughout the world. The variety ranges from entire houses, to ADUs, basement build-outs, and shared rooms. Like Booking.com, all you need to do to find pet-friendly accommodation is click a box indicating such to see what’s available.

Airbnb is great if you plan to stay in one location for a longer period of time, as you can find a furnished apartment without having to deal with a lease. Most of the time, renters will offer a discount to guests staying long term.

What really irks me about AirBnB are the added fees come check out time. The price indicated in the search is usually anywhere from $100-$200 less than the final price. There are pet fees, city taxes, cleaning fees, fees, fees, fees. It drives me bonkers and sometimes puts me off enough to look elsewhere for accommodation.

That said, we have stayed in some really cool places in AirBnB and met interesting people (and dogs) all over the world thanks to the service. Sometimes, even places listed as not allowing pets will accommodate your dog or cat if you message them directly. We’ve had this happen a number of times.

Some favorite places we’ve stayed with AirBnB include:

If you sign up with AirBnB using this link, then you will get $40 off your stay, plus $15 to use toward an experience worth $50 or more.

Glamping with Pets features luxurious pet-friendly accommodation in nature, without having to rough it outdoors.

Glamping with Pets

Somewhat new on the accommodation booking scene, Glamping with Pets is a collection of really, really cool places to stay around the world. Think tree houses, yurts, safari tents, and luxurious cabins in the woods. This is the place to go if you’re seeking an experience closer to nature.

Unfamiliar with glamping? The funny word comes from combining glamorous and camping. It’s a perfect introduction to camping for the curious and a nice median for groups who like to be in the woods, but also don’t feel the draw to rough it.

Some favorite places we’ve stayed or that are on our wishlist:

Given our extensive travels around the globe with a dog, we've come to rely on a few go-to resources to find hotels that allow pets.

Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains

Various chain hotels are well-known for allowing pets. During a long road trip across the United States and Canada or if you arrive in a town late at night need somewhere to stay, these are great for pet owners because you already know they welcome pets.

Another benefit of staying with a chain is accumulating loyalty points to earn discounts, early check-in or late check-out. They’re also familiar. If you’ve stayed in one, most likely the next one you visit will have the same amenities and services.

The most dog-friendly hotel chains will provide special amenities for your pooch, such as a pet bed, water bowls, treats, dog walking services, and more. We tend to avoid those that charge an additional fee for pets, though it’s not always avoidable.

Most hotels do not allow pets left unattended and some have weight restrictions. Some will require an extra charge for multiple dogs or tack on a cleaning fee. Always check the pet policy before booking!

Our picks are these chains, which allow pets to stay for free:

If you can't find hotels that allow pets, then camping is almost always a great pet-friendly option.


Of course, camping isn’t a hotel, but we’ve rarely come across a campground that does not allow dogs. Even in the most undog-friendly countries in the world (I’m looking at you, Chile) we were always welcome at campgrounds. 

Some campgrounds even include dog-friendly cabins and yurts if you don’t come equipped with your own gear.

If you’ve never camped before or are relatively new to sleeping outside, we have several resources to help you get started:

What tried and true resources have you used to find hotels that allow pets?

Which are your favorite pet-friendly hotels?

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