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Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inkas Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inkas Garden Suites – Cusco, Peru

After searching for an hour to find a pet-friendly accommodation in Punta Arenas, Chile, only to have door after door slammed in our face, we vowed never to arrive to a city again without having first booked accommodation.

Which is exactly what I did in Cusco, Peru.

Only, there was a huge miscommunication. We pedaled in with Flavia and Tupac, arrived at our hostal and chatted with the owner. She informed me that there were no rooms available and that it was not her with whom I had communicated earlier that day to book our stay.

It was her husband, and he never relayed the message of our arrival.

Frustrated, we pedaled around, tired from the ride that day and knocked on doors.

No, no, no, we were told.

Finally, after about an hour, Flavia called a place that said, yes, they welcome dogs. That place was Inkas Garden Suites.

Delighted to have found a home in Cusco, we arrived at Inkas Garden Suites, where Gabriel greeted us and our pups with open arms. His own dog, Goofy also gave us the thumbs up.

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido


Located just a 15 to 20-minute walk from the Plaza de Armas, the street was quiet and free of the hoards of tourists gathering to play Pokemon Go in the square, yet we still had mamitas on the corner selling quinoa con manzana and fresh fruit to buy each day just a few blocks away.

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

The Rooms and Space

Throughout our lengthy stay, we slept in a number of rooms including a triple that included a cozy couch, a kitchen, and a steaming hot shower. We also stayed in a quadruple dorm with Flavia and that had shared bathrooms that were cleaned each day and also had hot showers and then Dave and I stayed in a matrimonial suite in the garden level.

We used the shared kitchen often and rarely ran into space issues with other guests, and there was always real coffee and tea available. At my request, Gabriel even brought a blender up, so I could make a smoothie each morning.

The rooms were cozy, most with LED TVs, comfortable mattresses, and plenty of places like tables and chairs to put our belongings. The Internet could be slow at times, during the morning and evening WiFi rush hours, but that was just the way it was in Perú.

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido


Gabriel would make breakfast for an additional S/.10 per person (about $3) and it was the best breakfast we have had in South America. We explained our vegan diet and it was no problem. We were served bread with avocado, a giant fruit salad with local fruits, a variety of cereals to top our fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffee or tea. Non-vegans get yogurt and scrambled eggs in addition.

Dog-Friendly Hotel: Inka Garden Suites | Long Haul Trekkers #petfriendly #bringfido

What Could be Improved?

The design in the matrimonial room was a bit strange. The shower was in the middle of the living space along with a wet bar, table, and sofa. The toilet was a separate room next to the shower and the kitchen. It was all a bit awkward. Also, the fancy shower with jets was a bit confusing to use and the water didn’t drain.

One of the tenants (because in addition to being a hostal, there are also permanent residents in another building), has a dog that is obnoxious. She constantly barks when she’s outside. Usually some shhhh! comment would alert her owner and she would then be brought inside.

Other than that, we felt right at home at Inkas Garden Suites.

Together with Flavia, we stayed for about a week, and then Dave and I stayed for almost a month in total, coming and going to places like Ausangate and Machu Picchu. Inkas Gardens Suite has a garden where the dogs could run around and play while Dave and I worked out, blogged, or enjoyed a beer at the table. There was also a swinging bench you could share with Duma the Cat as you watch the sun set over Cusco.

For us, it was the perfect place to relax and take some time off the bikes, while exploring Cusco and the vicinity.

We could trust our gear with Gabriel when we left for Ausangate and Machu Picchu without worry. Gabriel was always super helpful with any logistics about the city or traveling in the Sacred Valley, he let me use the freezer at times to make some desserts, and was just an overall nice guy. His staff and family were also delightful and a pleasure to get to know.

Inkas Garden Suites couldn’t have been a more accommodating space for us and Gabriel a better host.

Thank you Gabriel for your hospitality! In exchange for this post, Gabriel offered us two free nights of accommodation. As always, all opinions are my own and we wouldn’t tell you to go somewhere if we didn’t approve.

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