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How to Save Money for Travel - Header

How to Save Money for Travel

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is how we have been able to afford to travel for nearly two years.  People often assume you have to be a trustafarian or wealthy to travel, and the simple answer is that is not true. Of course you need a job, and yes it helps if you have[...]

Why You Should Quit Your Job (2)

Why You Should Quit Your Job

13% That’s the number according to Gallup of people worldwide that actually like going to work. On the flip side, that means 87% hate their jobs. Nearly 6.4 billion people wake up early, get dressed in something they wouldn’t normally wear, subject themselves to tiresome and stressful[...]

Before you head out on your next camping trip with your pup, check to make sure you include the essential dog camping gear we can't live without.

Student Loans while Traveling

When his student loans kicked in six months after graduating from Bainbridge Graduate Institute 2013, Dave searched manically for a refinancing option that would lower the 7% APR he faced over the next 10 to 15 years. In his search, he discovered SoFi, a company that refinances loans by[...]

The Ikigai Project

I’ve delayed this post for some time now. Though the idea has brewed in my head for well over six months, I allowed it to ferment, purely out of fear. I recently declared that I would no longer continue to base my decisions out of fear, and so, I present to you the Ikigai Project. Before[...]

You may never have thought about the importance of sun protection for dogs, but like humans, the sun can lead to damaging eye conditions and skin cancer. Read the article to see how you can prevent sun damage to your dog.


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