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When the temperatures soar, it's important to know how to keep your dog cool in hot weather. Read this post for tips on navigating the heat with your dog.

How to Keep Your Dog Cool in Hot Weather

Ask me where in this world has the best summer weather and I will tell you the Pacific Northwest (but please don’t move there. We’re full. ;). We might get a week or two above 90°F or even over 100°F in Oregon, but it’s rare and short-lived. Plus, we can simply escape by heading to the[...]

Why You Should Quit Your Job (2)

Why You Should Quit Your Job

13% That’s the number according to Gallup of people worldwide that actually like going to work. On the flip side, that means 87% hate their jobs. Nearly 6.4 billion people wake up early, get dressed in something they wouldn’t normally wear, subject themselves to tiresome and stressful[...]

Women's Cycle Touring Bike

How to Build a Woman’s Touring Bike

  When I met my friend, Chris, five years ago, he was in the middle of building a bike for his wife, Brooke. I don’t mean that Chris was building out a bike from a purchased frame. He was building the frame with his own hands and tools. That night, I decided that I would one day[...]

You may never have thought about the importance of sun protection for dogs, but like humans, the sun can lead to damaging eye conditions and skin cancer. Read the article to see how you can prevent sun damage to your dog.


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