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Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs Cover

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The Essential Guide to

hiking with dogs

The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs is the must-have guide for adventure dogs and their humans. Packed with need-to-know topics that will inform and inspire any outdoor pursuit with your four-legged best friend.

about the book

In my debut book, I share the knowledge I have learned over nearly a decade of hiking, camping, and traveling with my dogs. This book is for novice dog owners and those new to the outdoors, as much as it is for longtime dog owners and adventurers who want to make sure they're making safe and responsible choices for themselves, their dog, and others.

training tips

Trail dog training starts at home from day one. I include obedience training tips that I have learned from professional dog trainers over the years. This advice will help you shape your dog into the ultimate trail companion and practice good trail etiquette to keep the trails safe and enjoyable for all.

expert advice

Throughout the book, you will find essays written by colleagues and experts on various topics, including building endurance, muzzle training, hiking with small dogs, and more.

what You'll learn

Inside the pages of The Essential Guide to Hiking with Dogs, you will find helpful information about getting started, including: Finding the Right Adventure Buddy, Trip Planning, and Training Tips. Additionally, this book provides educational information to encourage good trail stewardship, such as Trail Etiquette, Leave No Trace Principles, and Health and Safety. And lastly, the fun part, details for planning adventures with your dog, like Gear Guides, Camping, Packing Lists, and a selection of dog-friendly hikes across the US.

gear guides

Learn about the essential gear you need to bring throughout the different seasons on hikes and camping trips, for both dogs and humans.

dog-friendly Hikes

Plan a road trip to visit some of the best dog-friendly hikes across the United States, featuring one in every state.

where to buy

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