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Bike with Your Dog Day

Bike with Your Dog Day


Did you know you can create your own holiday? 

Well, you can, and we did. And it’s called Bike with Your Dog Day.

We decided to create an international holiday that encourages dogs everywhere to convince their humans to take them on a bike ride. On Sunday, July 10, 2016, celebrate the pure joy of cycling with your four-legged friend.  

Bike with Your Dog Day aims to highlight the possibility of taking dogs along on your two-wheeled adventures. No need to plan an international jaunt, stay local and head out for an excursion together to test the waters. Take them to the park, to a friend’s house, or out for a weekend adventure. We just want to see you bike with your dog. 

Bike with Your Dog Day

What:  Leave no dog behind on your biking adventures. Take your dog along on your next bike ride. 

When: Sunday, July 10, 2016

Where: Everywhere! While the contest is only open to US and Canadian residents, we still want to see you bike with your dog. Please use the hashtag #bikewithyourdogday to show us how you do.

How: Easy. Bike with your dog. Take your pup on your next two-wheeled outing. 

We invite you to join us, the Long Haul Trekkers, Kurgo, Burley Design,Fedwell Pet Foods, GoPro, and @besomedoggy, who will host a contest over the days leading up to the official holiday. Prizes include homemade pet food from Fedwell, the ultimate Bike with Your Dog package, featuring a Burley Tail Wagon and essential touring gear from Kurgo, and our Bike with Your Dog Day grande prize: A GoPro SessionFetch Mount and their new Seat Mount and Pro Handlebar and Seat Post Mount.

We’ll be hosting the contest here on our blog and over at the @besomedoggy Instagram page. Enter the contest on the blog now through 10 July

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