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The Best Dog Bike Trailers for Cycling Adventures 2023

The Best Dog Bike Trailers for Cycling Adventures 2023

Undoubtedly, one of the most common questions we get from readers is our opinion on the best dog bike trailer on the market. There are several to choose from to suit different needs with varying price ranges and qualities.


There are just a few brands that make quality dog bike trailers that will last for years and that can handle a beating, which is why this list may seem short. I don’t just look at the top sellers on Amazon. I do the research and only recommend what I would use myself.

You can trust my pick because I biked across Europe and South America with my dog for two years. We put our trailers to.the.test.

This guide highlights my picks for the best bike trailer for dogs and will help you choose the ideal one for your adventures.

Top Picks for the Best Dog Bike Trailer

  1. Overall Best Dog Bike Trailer: Burley Design Tail Wagon – New and improved in 2022, the Tail Wagon is hands down the best dog bicycle trailer for everyday transportation and paved bicycle touring.
  2. Best Dog Bike Trailer for Mixed Terrain: Burley Design Bark Ranger – The newest addition to the Burley Design pet bike trailer line up, this all-terrain and multi-sport trailer will fulfill all of your needs.

Considering bringing your dog along on bike tour, or even just a day ride? See How to Bike with a Dog for our best tips and helpful information on getting started.

Our pick for best overall dog bike trailer is the Burley Design Tail Wagon, designed specifically for dogs.

How to Choose a Dog Bike Trailer for Bike Touring

Sit down and really consider what kind of riding you will be doing. Think about the terrain and the climate. Consider your dog’s comfort level.

This section outlines what we believe are the most important features for a dog bike trailer. Above all, you want a high-quality, durable item that will handle the sort of adventures you have in mind.


Biking with a bike dog trailer significantly alters the way you ride your bike. It takes a few spins to get used to the feeling. 

A few things to keep in mind:

  • You have to take wide corners
  • Acceleration takes a bit of effort
  • Cruising downhill is like towing a parachute
  • Pedaling uphill feels like, well, like you’re towing a trailer

The weight of your dog, bike, and trailer will all affect the handling, so depending on how you plan to use the trailer, choose accordingly.


Some dog bike trailers are made of mesh panels for breathability, while others are made from a more solid fabric. Mesh can be more prone to tearing if your dog tends to scratch, but allows fresh air to flow through the trailer. 

Also consider the material of the frame as well. Aluminum frames are lighter, yet less durable than steel frames.

Steel weighs more than aluminum, but can be easily welded back together if it breaks. Additionally, steel can handle more weight, which is important if you have a large dog. 

We recommend avoiding plastic frames as they’re inexpensive and easily break. 


As with most gear, you get what you pay for. A high quality dog bike trailer can last thousands of miles, whereas a less expensive one may fail easily. 

Things to look out for include:

  • Materials – aluminum and steel vs plastic
  • Wheels – are the spokes made from plastic or aluminum? Plastic wheels are done if they break, but spokes can be replaced.
  • Skewers – Are they easy to remove?
  • Tires – What is the likelihood of getting a flat on the factory tires? (We always replace our tires with Marathon Schwalbe (20” X 1.75”) (we had just 3 flats over the whole trip).

Take a look at bike trailer reviews online to get an idea of the durability of the various options.


Some dog bicycle trailers come with suspension, which we found infinitely useful cycling over gravel roads in South America.

If you stick to roads and paved bike paths, then you can forgo the suspension. Many bike trailers can handle some bumpy terrain even without suspension.

Suspension softens the impact of riding on rough or bumpy terrain. The trade off is heavier trailer, but your pup will feel considerably more comfortable on rocky roads.


We highly recommend considering buying a trailer with a warranty. If you’re unsure how your dog will handle the trailer, or if it ends up collecting dust in the garage, it’s not a bad idea to have some added protection.

We love REI’s generous return policy which allows returns for up to one year after purchase.  

Size / Weight

The size of the trailer you need depends on the size of your dog, of course. If you’ve got a large dog, you’ll want a large dog bike trailer.

Measure their length, width, and height and compare the interior dimensions to make sure they will be comfortable in their rig. 

REI carries many of the trailers listed in this guide. We suggest stopping by to test the fit before committing to a purchase. 

For a small dog, you’ll want to maximize the interior space for your pup while keeping weight at a minimum.


Some pet bike trailers come with separately-sold attachments that enable use for other sports.

Many include a wheel and handle to use as a stroller or jogger, which comes in very handy if your dog has surgery or an injury or if you just want to continue the adventures with your senior dog.

Others come with ski attachments, so if you would like to pull your dog for a change, then you can! 

Other Important Features

Safety Flag: A tall safety flag is not necessary, but nice to have for riding in urban settings or on busy roads.

Brake System: some trailers have a hand break, which can come in handy when you are stopped on a hill and want to take some of the pressure off the load.

Rain Covers: It will rain at some point if you plan to bike tour with your dog. Make sure to get a trailer that includes rain protection.

Pockets: Interior pockets keep dog gear organized and prevent your dog from swimming in a sea of water bowls, treats, and other gear in the trailer. 

Entrance: Consider whether the trailer is designed for kids or specifically for dogs. The entrance will differ.

The entry point for pets is located in the back or above so there is more space for your pet to enter compared to kids trailers where the entrance faces the back of the bike.

Visibility: Bright colors are easier to see on the road, alerting drivers that you’re carrying special cargo. Also, choose a trailer that includes a spot to snap on a red blinky light if night falls mid-ride.

The Burley Design D'Lite is our top dog bike trailer pick for durability, value, and for use for off-road adventures and multi-sports.

Best Dog Bike Trailers for Paved Roads

If you plan to stick mostly to roads and paved bike paths, then these will do the job.

Top Pick: Burley Tail Wagon Pet Bike Trailer

MSRP: $399
Best for: Road cycling, bicycle touring, paved paths, city riding
Maximum weight: 75 lbs
Full Review: Burley Tail Wagon

We used the Burley Tail Wagon for eight months straight during the European leg of our bicycle tour. The Tail Wagon has since been updated and the new features are pretty sweet.

Designed specifically for dogs, the Tail Wagon keeps your pup in mind with every aspect of this trailer, making it a top pick in bike trailers for dogs.

New additions include a removable floor for easy cleaning and the

There is ample storage on the backside of the trailer giving you plenty of space to store leashes, water bottles, and other pet supplies, plus the new attachments to accommodate the pet trailer pouch can store additional gear.

The $400 price tag makes this trailer affordable for most aspiring riders and won’t break your bank.


  • Highly breathable mesh fabric keeps the dog cool with fresh airflow while riding
  • Rear facing front door make entry and exit easy for your dog
  • Quick closure straps
  • Lightweight (21 lbs)
  • Price is low for entry level riders
  • Designed by a company whose sole focus is bike trailers
  • Aluminum wheels with spokes
  • Rain covers over front and back mesh
  • Lots of pockets
  • Folds down easily
  • BLUESIGN and recycled materials


  • No rain covers to protect water from entering through the side mesh
  • Tires will spray some water on the side of the trailer in the rain.
  • No longer comes with a stroller attachment

Thule Cadence 2 Bike Trailer

MSRP: $379.95
Best for: Road cycling, bicycle touring, paved paths, city riding
Maximum weight: 100 lbs
Conversion kit: Stroller (included)

Though designed for children, you can modify the trailer to remove the kid seats and provide more space for your dog. 

The weight capacity is high, making the Cadence ideal for larger dogs who need a bit of extra space to move around.


  • Easy folding for storage and transporting
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Includes flag and has roll down rain cover
  • Well-known brand with strong reputation
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Great price


  • Padding is limited on the floor. Consider putting a dog travel bed to line the bottom. 
  • No sun protection
  • Velcro is used for closing the door
  • Limited interior space or leash hooks

Best Dog Bike Trailers for Mixed Terrain

If your bicycle tour involves both paved roads and trails, then these are the best dog trailers for bike touring on mixed terrain.

Top Pick: Burley Bark Ranger

MSRP: $599.95-$699.95
Best for: Mixed terrain
Maximum weight: 75lb | 100 lbs
Conversion kit: Stroller (included), jogger, ski, sand and gravel

The Bark Ranger is the newest addition to the Burley pet trailer family and it’s pretty exciting. Think of it as a mix between the Tail Wagon (above) and the D’Lite (below).

Available in regular and XL, the Bark Ranger offers a roomy interior, exterior pockets to store gear, and a low-clearance tailgate for easy entry.

The 2-in-1 bike trailer and stroller is great for long term travel and easily converts to a kennel for training.

The Bark Ranger is essentially my dream dog bike trailer. It is also compatible with larger tires for more rugged terrain or snow, and converts to a ski kit with added accessories.


  • Tons of space (36.2 liters)
  • Easy to break down
  • Lightweight (26.6 lbs)
  • Built-in and adjustable handlebar so you can push the trailer as needed
  • 20” wheels with push button quick releases


  • Pricey

Top Pick: Burley D’Lite X

MSRP: Single: $899.95 | Double:  $999.95
Best for: Off-road, gravel grinding, sand, dirt roads
Maximum weight: 75lb | 100 lbs
Conversion kit: Stroller (included), jogger, ski, sand and gravel
Full Review: Burley D’Lite

We used the Burley D’Lite (discontinued, this is the alternative) in South America and were over the moon impressed with the durability and suspension.

Single or double versions are available and, while designed for kids, with a few minor modifications make it completely suitable for dogs.

This trailer was put to the test with the bumpiest of gravel roads, crappy asphalt, and cobblestone. It never failed us. 

The spring-based adjustable suspension made for a smooth ride on rocky roads and is absolutely worth the extra weight when taking the back roads.


  • Suspension for a smoother ride
  • Tons of space (40 liters, single)
  • Built in sunshade and tinted side and rear windows
  • Easy to break down
  • Lightweight (28.4 lbs)
  • High visibility yellow and green colors available
  • Built-in and adjustable handlebar so you can push the trailer as needed
  • 20” wheels with push button quick releases


  • Rear window does not open
  • Zippers stick a little  on the front window
  • Better OEM tires
  • Pricey

Thule Chariot Lite Multisport Trailer

MSRP: $999.95
Best for: Road cycling, bicycle touring, paved paths, city riding, multi-sport
Maximum weight: 98 lbs
Conversion kit: Stroller (included), jogger, skiing, hiking sold separately

Thule is known in the car accessory industry world as being a pioneer of product design and high quality. They also happen to make quality bike trailers.

As a comparison to the D’Lite, the Thule Chariot Lite Multisport is designed for four different activities: biking, jogging, strolling, and skiing. Both the jogger and the ski kit are sold separately.


  • Lightweight, weighing in at 27 lbs. 8 oz.
  • UV protected windows
  • Full sunshade and rain cover protects from elements
  • Lightweight carrier makes for easier use
  • Compact folding design
  • Click n’ Store system allow you to convert between different activities in one outing


  • Pricey
  • Jogger and ski kit are pricey
  • Stroller arm only has two adjustments

Best Budget Dog Bike Trailers

I have not tried out the two dog bike trailers listed below, however, I have determined that if you are on a budget, or unsure whether biking with your dog is something that you will want to do long term, these would make good entry-level options.

These options would be good for short trips around town or weekend bike tours on paved roads.

Solvit Houndabout Aluminum Frame Dog Bike Trailer

MSRP: Medium: $224.99 | Large: $254.95
Best for: Road cycling, bicycle touring, paved paths, city riding
Maximum weight: 50 lbs | 110 lbs
Conversion kit: None

The Solvit Houndabout trailer is designed for pets by a pet brand company (Pet Safe). It includes an adjustable safety leash to ensure your pup stays in the trailer. 

There is plenty of breathable mesh and outside storage on this trailer. The dog bike trailer frame is also available in steel or aluminium.


  • Cushion for comfort
  • Designed with maximum airflow for your dog
  • Sunroof. Your dog can sunbathe while you do the hard work
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Foldable storage
  • Front door with waterproof layer


  • Specific trailer hitch that can be difficult to fit to all bikes
  • No flag
  • Small interior length for larger dogs
  • Designed for bikes with 26” wheels. There is a slant used for bikes with 700cc front and rear wheels.
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Not compatible for bikes with a Shimano gear set

Schwinn Rascal Tow Behind Pet Trailer

MSRP: $244.49
Best for: Road cycling, bicycle touring, paved paths, city riding
Maximum weight: Rascal: 50 lbs | Rascal Plus: 100 lbs
Conversion kit: None


  • Easy to assemble
  • Sun roof lets pets enjoy the scenery
  • Lined with a removable non-slip surface
  • Leash attachment to prevent dogs from leaping out
  • High weight capacity
  • Universal coupler attaches to most bikes
  • Lightweight at 23 lbs


  • Reports that trailer can tip easily if larger dog moves around
  • Not as durable as others on this list
  • Larger dogs won’t be able to turn around easily

Have you used a trailer not listed here that you recommend?

What are your must have features for a dog bike trailer?


Best Dog Bike Trailer Pinterest Image

Disclaimer: Burley Design provided the D’Lite and Tail Wagon dog bike trailers as part of a ambassador agreement. The opinions expressed in this post are entirely our own and we were in no way compensated for this review. We genuinely love our Burley trailers think they they are the best on the market.


Monday 3rd of April 2023

Thanks so much for putting this together! Ive done moto touring with my doggies in a sidecar and am so excited to tour with them on bikes, this article is so helpful! happy tails!

Jen Sotolongo

Monday 17th of April 2023

Ah moto touring sounds like fun! Hope you find a chance to get out with them on a bike soon!


Tuesday 30th of August 2022

Why are Croozer trailers so much more expensive??? any specific details? Also, PailioShop Zeta is not in your list, any reasons why?

Thank you for this page, its brilliant!

Jen Sotolongo

Wednesday 31st of August 2022

I'm not familiar with Croozer trailers. When I looked them up, they seem to be only available in Europe, so that's likely why I've not heard of them. The dog trailer does have shocks, so that is one reason they're more pricey, but otherwise, the price does seem steep. Burley trailers are available in Europe! I've also not heard of the PailioShop Zeta either, but thanks for putting it on my radar as another recommendation for European residents!


Saturday 20th of August 2022

Great article! I'm looking at the Bark Ranger XL for long-haul trips over gravel/some pavement, and the only negative is the no suspension. Has anyone taken the D'lite suspension (or any suspension) and added it to the bark ranger? It appears that both models can use the accessories (16" tires, skis), so the setup should be similar. thanks

Jen Sotolongo

Monday 29th of August 2022

Reddit might be a good place to find and answer. Otherwise bicycle touring FB groups might be another good place! Good luck!


Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

I have two corgi dogs, each weigh about 25-30lbs. What’s the best trailer for both my pups together. Will be mostly on a gravel trail

Jen Sotolongo

Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Hmm, I'd go with the Bark Ranger or the D'Lite X!


Thursday 26th of May 2022

Thank you for this great article! I'm wondering if you have any information about how you converted the Burley D'Lite for doggo? I found one for sale used, and love the idea of taking the older pup along on bikepacking trips that probably would include trails. I'm concerned that the Burley trailers without suspension might be a rough ride. Thanks!

Jen Sotolongo

Thursday 26th of May 2022

All we did was remove the child seats! That's it! If you see a used one for sale, I'd nab it!