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Behind the Spokes: Leave Room for the Holy Borba

Even Sora felt exhausted after a long day of bike touring. And she was just taking in the elements from the seat of her trailer.
My preferred sleeping style.

Dear Borba,

Traveling with my humans is the best. Not only do I get to spend EVERY WAKING HOUR by their side, but I also spend EVERY SLEEPING HOUR by their side, on their legs, and in their FACEz.

Now, sleeping with them is normal, but at the Hocholongo casa, I have to sleep on my bed on the floor. LAMEzzz x 12! My digs are comfy enough, but it’s not like when we travel.

At HOMEz. Kitteh gets the dog bed and I get the CAT BED. Bull$h!T!
At HOMEz. Kitteh gets the dog bed and I get the CAT BED. Bull$h!T!

When we travel and we stay at Pen Shuns  or with Muddy Bath hosts, (she means pensions and Warm Showers), I get to sleep on the bed with them. THIS IS THE BEST because I GET TO GET ALL….CUDDDDDDDLE PUDDLE PUPPY STYLE

At first, they made me wait until one of them invited me up, but now I just hop right on up and make myself comfortable. I ain’t waiting for the e-vite, I’m getting my lounge on. Right in the middle of the bed.

Sometimes, I pretend like I’m a hooman and I lie on Mommaz pillow. She loves it. Daddyz gets annoyed because he says I dirty his pillow. Sha, as if?!

When we’re all sleepingz , I stretch out as long as I can go, taking up all the space and hogging  all the sheets. I don’t know if my hoomans know how lucky they are that they have me to act like a blanket for them and keep them warm.


Sleeping all together one bed means that we all snuggle. Mommaz and Daddyz sleeps on the edges and I sleep in the middle, right in between them, sprawled out horizontally across the bed, like a big donkey.

In the mornings, I hear Mommaz and Daddyz talk about how stiff they are because they couldn’t move. TRY being in a bike trailer all day! I’ll show you STIFF. Sometimes, I feel them shove me over in the middle of the night, so they can roll over or straighten a leg. They call it Doggie Tetris. I really don’t understand why they feel the need to push me around like a sack of potatoes. I don’t really appreciate them disturbing my poodle rest (she means beauty rest).

Morning snuggles in the tent. Right in Mommaz face!
Morning snuggles in the tent. Right in Mommaz face!

It’s not all dog bones and bread though. In the Gobble Land  (she means Turkey), peoples haz these smaller beds, and since I take up all the space, naturally, one timez I woke up in the middle of the night to Mommaz kicking my face with her feet.

So I bit her foot. That’s right. I bit it. I straight NOM NOM NOMed them toes.

That will teach her to leave room for the Holy Borba.



Sora Hocholongo

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