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Behind the Spokes: Excerpt from Sora’s Diary

This my popcorn (on my right paw) before it started to worry my humans.
This is my popcorn (on my right paw) when it started to worry my humans.

Sora’s been asking for awhile now to contribute to the blog, so we decided she should just have her own column. We’re calling it Behind the Spokes: Excerpts from Sora’s Diary.

To help with any confusion, we often refer to Sora as “Borba” or “Borbatov.” Also, Sora sometimes mixes up words, so we help her with any corrections.

Dear Borba,

Today I went to the dogtor. AGAIN. It was my third visit in one week! I also went right before we left home. Dogtors are really scary and I don’t like going so much. It’s my own fault, I guess.

I had a popcorn (she means corn) on my paw that started to bleed when we began our bicycle herding adventure. Then I couldn’t stop licking it and made it worse. It turned to flames (it became inflamed) and Mamas and Papa worried that it might get infected, so we had it removed. Now I look like a Swedish dog (she’s referring to the blue and yellow bandage) and I can trick people into thinking I’m from another Dogland.

Hahahaha. People think I'm a Swedish dog now! Here I am sleeping after my surgery.
Hahahaha. People think I’m a Swedish dog now! Here I am sleeping after my surgery.

Since I’m skipping (she means limping), my humans have been pushing me around in my trailer. It’s funny because people think that I’m a baby, but then they see a dog! But then they stare at me and that’s scary. I don’t like it when people stare, so I growl and bark to make them stop. My humans ask them not to stare, but some people don’t listen.

Sometimes my humans think my trailer should be used for their heavy bags. During my surgery, they went food shopping and filled my trailer with things I can’t eat! Like chocolate! I don’t mind that they put heavy bags in the trailer, but they should really fill the bags with food I can eat, like brätwurst, snasuages, hasdogs, or those big rabbit things that I see running really fast.

See all the bags in my trailer?! And nothing tasty for me to eat!
See all the bags in my trailer?! And nothing tasty for me to eat!

It’s really hard for me not to run or exercise. Since my popcorn started to turn to flames, Mamas and Papa stopped letting me run and herd the bikes, so I haven’t run in about 4.564 years (it’s been about four weeks. Dog time is much shorter than human time, as you know). I am getting a little bored and wish I could go for walks in Berlin. The dogtor said I can run once my string cheese has been removed (she’s referring to her stitches) in 10 days.

Chase yah laterz,

Sora Hocholongo

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