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Author - Dave Hoch

Dave finds joy in supporting a vegan, intentional, and spiritual lifestyle. When he’s not jamming out to Phish and reggae, he’s running, volunteering at animal rescues, playing in nature, and being alive.

Our Favorite Podcasts for Traveling

Our Favorite Podcasts for Traveling

As we spend many hours per day on the bicycle, we have found one thing that keeps us sane, connected to society, and avoids boredom: Podcasts. One of our favorite things to do when meeting other cyclists is to compare our podcast lists and discuss recent episodes. And so, since we think[...]

Donald Trump - What People Say Abroad

Donald Trump – What People Say Abroad

Flavia: “Do you like Donald Trump?” (while smiling) Me: “That man is loco” (with a mockery face) Flavia: “I hope Donald Trump wins!” (another smile) Me: “WHAT?! Are you crazy, why?” (eye’s bulging out of my face) Flavia: “Because[...]

You may never have thought about the importance of sun protection for dogs, but like humans, the sun can lead to damaging eye conditions and skin cancer. Read the article to see how you can prevent sun damage to your dog.


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