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Hi there. Nice to meet you!

We are Dave, Jen, and Sora our Australian Shepherd rescue dog of Portland, Oregon.

Our relationship began under the premise of great adventures and worldly travels. Entering the partnership with a relatively dormant passport, Dave felt a bit skeptical of Jen’s promise of a life filled with travel.

We escaped when we could to places like Mexico and Colombia and regularly explored within our home state and its neighboring borders, as well as Canada, but with jobs at home dictating our schedules, we were limited to just a few weeks of annual leave and the occasional long weekend.

About Us - Family Camping Photo Bulgaria | Long Haul Trekkers

 In 2011, we attended a sustainable business school program, where we met, both desperate to find a new way of life beyond the standard nine to five. One year after graduating, Dave found himself in the same job he’d held for the past seven years and Jen discovered that even her dream job proved not so dreamy.

After an unsuccessful attempt at a start up business and a two-week venture in Colombia, we began to question the lives we chose. We had a cute yellow house in a desirable neighborhood in SE Portland, two dogs, two cats, and two chickens, a beautiful garden that provides us with food throughout the summer and fall, and plenty of money to travel and play outside.

Only we couldn’t travel and play outside as we wanted. Our jobs told us where to be and when.

Our Australian Shepherd, Sora saw how work controlled our lives. She wanted to spend more time with us and see the world, so she convinced us to take her on a world bike tour. We thought it sounded like a great idea.

We began our adventure in Oslo, Norway in May 2015 and slowly made our way to Athens in December, via the Balkans and Turkey. In  January 2016, we flew to Ushuaia, the end of the world, in Argentina, Patagonia, slowly crawling over the Andes toward Colombia.

We hope to inspire you to leave your job if you don’t like it, take your dog along on your adventures, and prove that vegan eating on the road is not only feasible, but delicious.


In 2010, Dave traded in his beloved VW Microbus for a Kona Jake, biking 24 miles roundtrip from home to work. It only took one week for Dave to become hooked on commuting by bike. Feeling unfulfilled with his corporate America job, Dave pursued his MBA in Sustainable Systems from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute at Pinchot, in order to shift his career from helping the system to an entrepreneur devoted to making a difference in this world. Previously, Dave founded The COG Space, a bike based consulting company in Portland, OR.

He finds joy in playing with his dogs, running, volunteer work, the outdoors, and supporting the mighty Portland Timbers Football Club.

 “When you look back on your life, are you going to be proud of what you’re accomplishing now?” ~unknown


Jen is the Chief Storyteller and Photographer for the Long Haul Trekkers. Born with the travel bug, she has lived in Spain, Chile, and New Zealand. When she’s not galavanting around the world by bicycle, she is running long distances in the woods, exploring her Oregon backyard, or whipping up delicious vegan meals. She is always planning her next adventure.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” ~Mark Twain



Dave adopted Sora from Family Dogs New Life in Portland, OR as a nervous three-year-old project. Originally from Tri-Counties in Washington, she was picked up as a stray, transitioning through several foster homes before Family Dogs New Life took her in as a “second chance.”

Her piercing blue eyes attracted Dave to Sora and he took her home knowing that she had a an obvious history of abuse. The first few months together were tough: Sora was a submissive peer with separation anxiety who was not housebroken.

Originally named Grace, Dave chose to rename his new companion Sora, which means “blue sky” in Japanese. Sora’s sky-colored eyes drew Dave to her in the first place and she uses them to bat her way into extra treats and pets from friends.

With time, training classes, mastering sheep herding, and plenty of love (and treats!), Dave and Sora worked together to overcome her fears and create a loyal companion who lives among our other dog, two cats, and three chickens. She enjoys chasing squirrels, herding sheep and her cat siblings and rolling around in dead things on the beach.

 “The FriendBeast speaks mostly gibberish. You must listen carefully to decipher his two word vocabulary: ‘Blookityslorkblapblahboop TREATS blerksplapboobfds blargloo POTTY OUTSIDE blergityboopthptblehgrmpf.’ ” – The Oatmeal


We had to say good bye to Maxwell on April 16th, 2015. His health declined rapidly over a six-week period leading up to the departure date of our trip. He his deeply missed and we are spreading his ashes in each country we visit .

Maxwell, was a 16-year-old Rat Terrier with the worst breath of any living creature, who had been a staple of Dave’s life for nearly 13 years. He was adopted for a whopping $20 from the Long Beach, CA county shelter in 2001. Maxwell accompanied Dave on countless hikes, backpacking trips, late nights, ice cream parties, and had been attached at his hip for much of Dave’s adult life. Though not physically present, Maxwell’s influence and mojo runs deep to the core of the team.

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  1. I love my day job and love seeing people make their lives the one they really want. I also love dogs and traveling. All this means I am very much looking forward to peeking in on your journey.

    • Thank, Jeri! We look forward to you following along. You do such a great job in your work and I can honestly say that I’ve never worked for a company who invests so much in their employees.

  2. Yay! Very exciting to be connected. I am a fellow BGI grad– (C6 Class) and a former bicycle tour guide. I guided my 1st year with Willie Weir– an amazing bicycle adventurer and story teller. I share his name with you in case you want to see how he cobbled together a living and followed his passion. I saw him speak at REI about 5 years ago… and he has really refined his craft. Check him out. And, enjoy!

    • Hi Julie, how fun that you know Willie Weir! My mom bought us two of his books just before we departed and we devoured them. I’d love to connect with him sometime to learn more about how he scraps together his living to cycle around the world. I just don’t know how approachable he is these days! Thanks so much for reaching out.

  3. I just found your website and look forward to reading. I was on an around the world bicycle trip starting in Bangkok. I made it all the way south to Sydney and then from Inuvik in the Arctic Circle south through Canada and into Oregon, about 15,000 km. Near Bend, I was hit by a truck and survived despite a long list of injuries and a lot of bedtime. I am now sitting in the Philippines with my golden retriever. I’ll be reading and telling my dog all about the adventures that Sora is experiencing.

    • Your dog is going to be so jealous of all the sheep and alpacas Sora will meet! If we ever make it to the Philippines, she’d like to meet your pup.

      We are so sorry to hear that you were hit by a truck, and in Oregon of all places. I hope that our fellow Oregonians treated you well in your time of recovery and we’re glad to hear that you’re doing well now. I hope that it hasn’t turned you off from visiting Oregon again.

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