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Letting Go – Running

Before road cycling and bike touring, there was running. For 16 years, now half my life, running has been my escape, my therapist, my medicine, my church, my religion. I’ve probably run at least 50 races over the years, ranging from 5k to 50k and tens of thousands of miles. I’m not a fast[...]

Tagalong by Bumblebee Pet Company

Tagalong Hands-free Poop Bag Clip

The Tagalong hands-free poop bag clip by Bumblebee Pet Company is the accessory you didn’t know you needed. It doesn’t look like much, but this small plastic clip will change your life. Truly. The shape is designed to hold full bags of dog poop on your daily dog walk or hikes[...]

Dog Trainers to follow on Instagram

8 Dog Trainers to Follow on Instagram

Over the years, I have learned much of what I know about dogs from my favorite social media platform, Instagram. When I was struggling with Laila’s training, I was introduced to the world of balanced training for dogs, and began to look for dog trainers to follow on Instagram in order to[...]

We love e-collar training so we can go on off-leash hikes!

9 E-Collar Training Myths: Busted

This post contains affiliate links. Like many, I once believed that e-collar training was cruel. I thought positive reinforcement was the only right way to train a dog, until I had Laila. As much as I learned and worked with her, she just wasn’t as responsive to the training as I needed[...]